Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tennesseans don't drive in snow.

Wow. I kind of can't believe this is what is actually getting me blogging again. But here it is.
This morning we woke up to big fluffy snowflakes coating the ground. We get ready for school, eat our cream of wheat. Grab our coats and scarves and head out to take Chickie to school. The road is completely covered in one thin layer of snow. Snow flurries are whipping under my tires. I can't help but have a bit of irrational fear over these conditions. I think it must have been ingrained in me from an early age. We Tennesseans don't drive in snow. It instantly reminded me of my first year at BYU. A lot of my family lives in Utah. I have spent many
winters there. So I have no excuse for the story that I'm about to tell. Except that maybe it had been a long time since I had been to Utah in the winter at this point. I think I had spent mostly summers there for a while.
Freshman year. First snow. I look out the window and there it is: SNOW! And a LOT of it. The road, cars, everything is covered in maybe a foot of snow. I'm screaming to my roommates, "SNOW! SNOW! No church today! Just pj's, hot cocoa and movies!" They come out of there bedrooms probably just to watch me in my fit of insanity and not really caring at all about the snow. They were all from Utah and Idaho. Then I see it. People. Dressed, not in snow suits, but their Sunday best instead. Hysterically laughing I yell out, "They are trying to go to church!" More hysterical laughter. "They are trying to get in their cars!" I remember feeling slightly mystified that they were indeed knocking snow off of their cars and getting in. But still, to actually try and drive in snow that was sheer lunacy! Then they did it. They drove off. I was in total shock. Completely crestfallen that going somewhere, anywhere, on what had to be one of the best snow days I had ever seen was sad. Sad, sad, sad. Luckily for me I had the best roommates in the world (that, or the laziest) and they agreed to stay home with me and have a snow day! I may remember one or two of them sneaking off to church for a few hours but at least Mindy, Lora, and Kayla were in it for the whole day. Right? Ah, memories. That was a crazy, crazy year. Super, super fun. Just thinking of it makes me crave a girls day out. I can't find any of my BYU pictures. They must all be in storage. So I stole this one from facebook. Thanks Mindy! You girls are the best!