Friday, January 18, 2013

Ragnar Insanity!!!

This all seemed like a really great idea until about 3 am.  When we were still running.  And then we were done and no one else seemed to want to go to sleep.  Ha!  But I'll admit.  Watching this video does kind of make me want to do it again....maybe.

My best leg was definitely the middle of the night one.  When I fell, ironically. And also ran with a girl who forgot her head lamp.  She was fast.  And I didn't want her to die.  So I guess I've finally found my motivation.  Life or death scenarios. And in my defense about the fall we were running on the side of the road with about 5 inches of pavement.  And nameless fast runner girl fell too.  Ragnar is definitely not for the faint of heart!!

Here I am running the last leg.  When I wanted to die.  But it was through the most gorgeous part of Franklin. And it was really fun to run through my old stomping grounds.
Three falls, one cortisone shot, and one sleepless night later but we survived!!!