Friday, February 27, 2009


Bentley tp'd the living room.

And I caught Olivia hanging from her top bunk bed.  Today she has no recollection of that happening.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I rearranged the furniture...

...just to watch the oscars.  Our TV was too far away from the cable outlet before.  I don't know what it is but I love watching the oscars.
I think it's for the gowns (of course) and the acceptance speeches!  I just love the idea that someone can achieve the impossible.  That moment when these famous actors (and etc) become vulnerable and share a little of their journey.  What it means to them...Dreams come true and all that....I love that!While we were watching I made this.  Ever have one of those..."I can make that!" moments?  That's what this is.  I have those moments a lot.  Less often I actually put forth the effort to try and make it.  You can find the real deal here.  She is amazing.  I have to admit I feel kind of like a thief just for making it!  I added some linen for more of a "casual" look.  My lil sis Rose made a really cute one too when she was here.  I just didn't finish mine until now because of the dreaded plague.  
Poor B,  I made him model for me....couldn't get a good enough picture doing the one arm thing!
Today I'm thankful for....making a dent in the laundry.  And that it didn't downpour on me during my nice little run this morning. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


These are the happiest drawings that Olivia has drawn since we've been here.  She made a friend.  They played outside for a nice long time.
I had a very good day as well.  Lots of jumping around at our house today...and squealing.  

I'm thankful for work, creative work.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

these kids have strep


Can't you tell?

I'm loving Bentley in his Buzz Lightyear costume...he's only about 4 months too late.

What do you think Heather?  (this used to be Addison's I can't believe it!)


Chickie was dressed up as "Mrs. Buzz Lightyear."

This is the 3rd time Chickie has had strep this year!!! This time they gave her a shot in the rear.  Bentley got one too.  Poor guy, it's only his first time.  But hopefully this will end the madness.

I just love having Olivia home.  I love her playing and being happy.  School makes her grouchy.

I'm SO tempted to do homeschool.  Only she is so disappointed to be missing school!
I overheard her explaining to Bentley that dinosaurs are extinct.  "And that doesn't mean they are stinky!  It means they died a long, long time ago."
She learned that at school.  Too funny.

Instead they played, watched movies, and tried to figure out the perfect amount of time to dunk graham crackers in milk.  I like 7 or 12.  That's not seconds, just 1234567eat.

I'm thankful for sick days.

favorite things

these dishes
watching the kids make their own dough creations....especially loving Chickie's mermaid
naked four-y bentley

And my only original recipe:
Chicken Potpie--so good!

Boil one chicken breast.  In a seperate pan saute one chopped onion in 1/4 c butter until tender.  Mix 1/3 c flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon thyme.  Stir into butter and onion.  Then add 3/4 milk, 2c water plus 2 tsp chicken bullion, and 1/2 c cauliflower puree.  (To make cauliflower puree steam cauliflower and then blend it in your blender. You probably want to do this step ahead of time.) Let this mixture get bubbly and thicken.  Don't forget to stir! Meanwhile shred your chicken breast and throw into that water about 1/2 of a (16 oz) bag each of frozen corn, carrots, and peas.  Then stir in the shredded chicken and slightly cooked veggies to the mix.  Pour into a pie pan, top with a homemade or store bought crust.  Bake at 450 for about 15 minutes.  SO yummy.  Sometimes I like to serve it with cheese and apple slices. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All you need is love

I was just working on the photo shoot I did on Valentines Day...which reminded me of the cutest thing ever:

Chickie working on her class valentines. She painstakingly wrote each person's name on their valentine, and her own of course. She didn't even complain or take a break. She was in the zone. I was very proud of her as this was no small task.

She came up with her Valentine idea by looking through some back issues of Martha Stewart Kids magazines (she loves those). And then she came up with all sorts of fun ideas in the craft store. I didn't realize how fancy brads have gotten! 

I came up with the cheesy slogan. I'm awesome that way.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maggie and Stella

If I had twin girls that's what I would name them.  And I wouldn't dress them alike.  Well, maybe I wouldn't be able to help myself sometimes.  I knew the cutest little twins whose names were Zoe and Pheobe.  They were darling.  

These are for my sweetest daughter Chikie and my sweetest littlest sister Clara.  
I bought a LOT of this fabric.  I had plans to make curtains for Chickie's room in our last house.  But then I didn't want to make them when I knew we were going to move anyway.  So I decided I'd make a quilt instead.  Then the quilt I chose to make called for 1/8th of a yard of 31-36 fabrics.  So I decided to make twinner bags for two darling girls and I still have enough left over to make Olivia a Weekender Bag to match!   

I don't think Clara reads my blog...but if you do--it's in the mail!  xxxooo happy super late birthday. XO drea

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

show and tell

Yay!  I made something!  This is the weekender bag by Amy Butler.  I used one of her fabrics for the main and a Joel Dewberry print for the lining and etc.  I just love Amy Butler.  Who doesn't?  I spoke with her briefly at Market and she was of course, delightful.  Her sewing patterns are really easy to follow.  Have any of you ever listened to the Craft Sanity podcast with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood?  She is one nutty lady, I love it!!  And I found this interview with Amy Butler so interesting and inspiring!  

Now that I've conquered the bag I'm starting on the Single Girl quilt by Denyse Schmidt for Olivia!  I'm so excited!!! 

Yes, with a photo-shoot already under my belt for Feb...this month sure is looking up!  

I heart February!

RIP January 2009!!! well, it wasn't all bad.

January is gone and HOLY SMOKES I'm so glad!!!!  I'm a recovering complainer and as such I have to be SOO careful to not go there.  Easier said than done.  But at least it's easier not to whine on a blog...because it does take a little more effort that just opening your mouth. 
But just for fun I thought I'd share a few of the highlights.  
New Years Day my kids both broke out in hives all over their bodies.  I didn't care however, because my hands also had a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to something-I was in serious pain people.  You know something's wrong when you are in too much pain to care about your kids!!! I won't show pictures.  Went to an allergist, he says I'm not allergic to any away! Weird.  But whatever.  He says I'm most likely allergic to nail polish and detergent.  Go figure!  
Next day Olivia's neck was swollen to the size of a baseball. 
 I bandaged up my un-useable hands and it took us three tries to find a walk in clinic that was open.  We had strep throat.  Chris was snowboarding.
The middle of the month was filled with interesting but unfortuntely unbloggable drama from all sides.  Me not working...and bored.  
Kids sick off and on.  
Chris woke up Sat. 5 am ish in serious pain.  He thought it was an ulcer.  I looked it up.  It said throw up (check) and drink water.  I got a huge drink of water and brought to him.  He was in pain.  I passed out.  Woke up in puddle of water on the floor.  I went to lay down.  Chris thought his appendix burst.  I looked it up.  It said:  might die.  don't drink anything!  We called an ambulance.  Didn't know where the hospital was. 
 A few hours later Chris learned he was going to deliver a rock baby. 
 We named it Stone Kidney Larsen.  Stone is a family name after all.  We are going to call him Grain for short though because that's how big he was.  And now I can never tease him about having to leave during Olivia's birth.  At least he didn't pass out and make me come to his aid!  And now I know how horrible it is to see and worry about someone you love in so much pain.  And I realized I really do love him so much more than when we first got married.  

So now January 2009 is gone.  May it rest in peace, far far away from me.  Bentley will get it with that iron stick if it tries to come back!  I will however look back at the bad times and have a little chuckle.  We will always remember the morning Chris got to fulfill his life long dream of riding in an ambulance.  Never say you can't reach your dreams people!  Hey, I'm here to inspire!