Tuesday, November 15, 2011

backseat driver

We are driving home from preschool and after much discussion on what to name his ice/snow breathing lego dragon "Icicle?" (which he will be bringing for show and tell tomorrow), Bentley started to give me a little advice on my driving. The kind of advice that if followed would result in serious injury or a lot of honking.
me: Are you excited to drive when you turn 16?
B: Excited??? boring.
me: Yeah, you're kinda right about that.
me: So...you'd be fine with me driving you around?
B: Yeah
Hey. I'll take what I can get. Because right now I'm only allowed one kiss per day at bedtime. And this is on condition that I won't bombard him with kisses all day. Those cheeks though. I just have a hard time resisting them.
Pretending to sleep in an attempt to get me to carry him inside. It's not going to work though. The kid is a tank!
Right now I'm sitting in the bathroom while he takes a bath. He pulled a toy cup out of the tub and said, "Who wants a drink of water? Raise your hand!" Ummm. no thanks. I think he just wants me in here to watch his feats of strength. The kid can pump out a lot of push ups in the tub.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

fort awesom

I got a new job taking pictures of newborns at the hospital! Super cute job! The moms say, "I bet you have so many pictures of your kids!" Which of course is true...but I feel a little guilty about winter. I have like 2 pictures from all winter. I take tons of pictures outside in the pretty weather. Seeing as how outdoor photography is kind of my usual MO. I'm not usually very inspired indoors. But, I have learned some new tricks with my flash lately and high ISO don't seem like the devil anymore. So in honor of new moms making me feel a little guilty....I captured 'fort awesom' today! Chickie is sleeping in there tonight. Oddly enough she is afraid of ceiling fans and art hanging above her bed but is excited about sleeping between the doors of her armoire with a giant couch cushion over head. Interesting. I did not point out the paradox.

She's something else!