Tuesday, November 15, 2011

backseat driver

We are driving home from preschool and after much discussion on what to name his ice/snow breathing lego dragon "Icicle?" (which he will be bringing for show and tell tomorrow), Bentley started to give me a little advice on my driving. The kind of advice that if followed would result in serious injury or a lot of honking.
me: Are you excited to drive when you turn 16?
B: Excited??? boring.
me: Yeah, you're kinda right about that.
me: So...you'd be fine with me driving you around?
B: Yeah
Hey. I'll take what I can get. Because right now I'm only allowed one kiss per day at bedtime. And this is on condition that I won't bombard him with kisses all day. Those cheeks though. I just have a hard time resisting them.
Pretending to sleep in an attempt to get me to carry him inside. It's not going to work though. The kid is a tank!
Right now I'm sitting in the bathroom while he takes a bath. He pulled a toy cup out of the tub and said, "Who wants a drink of water? Raise your hand!" Ummm. no thanks. I think he just wants me in here to watch his feats of strength. The kid can pump out a lot of push ups in the tub.