Tuesday, October 30, 2007

oh yeah,

October has been a lackluster blogging month for me. And looking through my pictures I have missed out on some great moments. Especially Bentley's birthday! So even though the nature of blogging doesn't really lend itself to playing catch up....I'm going to anyways. At least squeeze in some of October's great moments with a summary post. Or maybe several summary posts....
On Bentley's big day, my Dad, his lovely wife Ana, and my two cute pie sisters came to visit us all the way from Peru. Well, technically all the way from NC, because they went to see my brother first. We had a very action packed, fun time while they were here.

packing fun

Seriously. Aren't boxes the best fun ever.

Friday, October 26, 2007

good things.

good thing number one. We have a closing date and it appears to be smooth sailing until nov 14. at which point it should be even smoother sailing.

good thing number two. My sister sent me the best package ever. Which totally made my day yesterday. And here's why:and if that weren't enough, there is really nothing better than torturing children with really awesome costumes.

We spent the whole day braiding pony hair. It was really fun.

That was yesterday. The day before yesterday, I asked Chickie what she had enjoyed the most about soccer. She said, "running." I said, maybe you'll be like me and like to run. So in the morning she of course wanted to go running with me. I said yes and the three of us and her stuffed pumpkin set off on a nice jog. She actually did a pretty good job. We had to take several breaks, but she runs at a pretty good pace. I ran a little more on my own after she was done. So this morning we went jogging again. This time she wanted to take her ponies with her. We have been going pony crazy and loving it! Thanks Katie! love ya.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

scary thought

I was in the grocery store and I walked past some people who were good looking enough to make me suck in my stomach. And then I had the thought, "I wish I could suck in my thighs." I've never had that thought before and was slightly mortified at myself. I had this problem when Chickie was one, too. How do you get used to eating normal again after pigging out for 18 months or so of pregnancy and nursing?
I'm thankful for the Ewing Gallery today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Handsome Please

"If you say, 'pretty please' to girls, then you have to say, 'handsome please' to boys."

Chicka Chicka Boom--A sad tale

This is a very sad, disturbing story. If you decide to read it don't say I didn't warn you.

My daughter's nickname is Chickie...but when she was a mere fetus her full nickname was chicken, inadvertently named by my sister. The name stuck, and luckily naturally shortened to Chickie full time by the time she was one, at least. The name has proved to be true to life for her. She is, in fact, quite a "chicken" for all things dark, crawly, high, and intimidating. And then there is her favorite pal. The germ ridden side kick that makes all parents cringe. This toy goes by the name of Ducky or Baby Week (named from the sound it makes in it's natural habitat, "Week week." In fact, baby week is not the only chick friend she has, there is a whole collection of peeps. The newest inductee is named Bud Bud. It is a little ceramic duck she bought for a dollar. And she built it a house...with a little help from her dad.

Yesterday we went to a friends house who had 16 baby chicks. I can sadly, only describe the scene, because I forgot my camera. There were yellow chicks, yellow leaves, and happy children everywhere. Especially, my little Chickie. She was in chick heaven and LOVING it! She was holding them, herding them, chasing them, petting them. Until she was finally standing still amidst a pond of ducks. The children were in a circle of sorts focused on a few chicks in the middle. When Chickie, in her delighted state, jumped with glee. I saw the whole thing. She jumped on a baby chick! The children saw it struggling, "Mommy it's bleeding!" Their mom went to inspect it. I told what I saw. She very calmly said, "Well, it's neck is broken so it's going to die. But that's OK." Then she put her hands over so the children couldn't watch it die. And we all just sat their stunned, glee gone, until it stopped moving. Then, she scooped it up. And that was that. Chickie was surprisingly calm. We all were. There was sadness but no tears. All the effect of a very calm mother of six who told the truth. Chickie will hopefully not be traumatized for life. I can't imagine accidentally killing my favorite animal. So heartbreakingly sad. Freakishly disturbing. It's never fun dealing with the facts of life. This was yesterday, and last night she asked me if the fire alarms were working. Earlier this year our cousins died in a house fire and I think this whole incident brought back the realities of life and death. A strange and sad reality to learn so thoroughly at such a young age.

Today I'm thankful the calm, sensitive handling of that situation and a new day.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I love conference!

A while ago I struck up a random conversation with a woman in line at JoAnn's fabrics. You know how those lines can last forever! Well, all I asked was what was she making and then I found out that she was homeschooling. And then she proceeded to tell me how God told her to home school....yada yada yada. I realized that I was physically recoiling as she spoke. Then I thought how strange that was considering I am very religious myself and have done many things for the very same reason. Then I thought if this had been a Mormon mom talking about the same thing I'm sure I would have a much different reaction. Why? Finally, I realized it was all about the language. The words she used to describe God and her spirituality are very different from the words I use to describe God. Yet, we are both Christian. We are both talking about the same God, just using different jargon.

After this experience, I started to pay a little more attention to the way I spoke or blogged about certain experiences, not wanting to loose people in the gobbledygook. So I understand that what I am about to say may make absolutely no sense at all to some of you. But today was so awesome there really is no translation. This is something my religion has that is my absolute favorite thing! We have a prophet and apostles and twice a year we have a weekend long conference. It is so spiritually intense. It is the most loving, inspiring, enlightening experience...each time! I absolutely LOVE it! To me it feels like a special holiday. And it far surpasses the others because it is pure and not ruined with marketing. It has more love than Valentine's Day, more gratitude than Thanksgiving, and speaks and rejoices of Jesus Christ just like at Easter and Christmas, only without all the other distractions. Granted, there really isn't the typical food, just the family together getting completely spiritually nourished!

The whole experience just reaffirms my love and gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes me so aware of His love for me and all of us. This brings so much peace on a very personal level. I feel so inspired to do better, to be better. I know that Christ wants the best for me and that if I give up my will for His I will be moving through life with so much more clarity and success.

I can't wait for both sessions tomorrow. I so need this!

I'm thankful for all of conference but especially these moments:

Chickie's drawings of the speakers, this picture is kind of dark. But look how cute! And I love that she included the microphone and pulpit. And I love how they are all so happy! I love that my daughter loves conference, too!

Enrique R Falabella's story about the worn out shoe and polishing his toe to hide the hole! (Happiness does not depend on money!)

Spencer J Condie's talk on the Lord's promises--I am going to have to study this one!

Deiter F Uchdorf's talk about reason's to rejoice...there are always reasons.

Joseph B Wirthlin--God Bless Joseph B Wirthlin.

Bruce D Porter--this was motivation for me to change for the better.

Keith K Hilbig--this talk on not hindering the spirit in our own lives is definitely one I will have to study again.

Jeffery R Holland's talk on how some religions misunderstand and don't think we are Christians was stinking awesome! The missionaries were going crazy--I'm sure because they have to deal with this everyday. But it was great. He is amazing!

Just another reason why I love church so much. It makes me happy and I feel so completely privileged to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Really, completely privileged!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Confessions and Kitchen Miracles

What a day! What a week! What a mess. I feel like a big fat Lazy Lou. And that is not a reference to physical size. The one thing I DO do every morning is run. Ahh, running. Love it! The thing is, somehow over the past five years I have gotten very, very soft. I am always thinking and talking (someone stop me please) but action USUALLY comes much more slowly. Except, unfortunately, last Saturday. I was getting ready for some fun church event. Ladies only, with a lot of my old friends from my last town. It's almost time to go and I think, "I need bangs....." 5 minutes later...SNIP. 2 minutes later, "AHHHH." So they get pined back and I go on my merry way feeling very Britney Spears. And can I keep my mouth shut...NO. I try to convince myself not to talk about it, but that is seriously not possible, even with my most sophisticated friends. All the while thinking, "Somebody stop me please." So, it's not that I am incapable of action...it's the things that bring me to action are somehow seriously flawed.

Really I blame the whole mishap on Wal-Mart. If you are going to place blame it better be good, right.

So I broke my year long ban of Wal-Mart to get some vitamins that are apparently available no where else. Ironically, they were hair vitamins. And it was a new Wal-Mart so it was actually clean. And, get this...the employees were actually nice. Even more shocking, they were helpful, I Know RIGHT! So I decided to go back only a few days later for another vitamin type item, and a birthday present. It was then and there while perusing the toy aisles that I had a very strange somewhat disturbing juvenile mental break. (And this I believe gave me the subliminal desire for bangs.) Words really can't describe the feeling. I saw the 1983 My Little Pony collection. And there in the middle of the package my long lost sole mate embodied in orange plastic, Butterscotch, with butterflies on her rear. Ahh, love. I went back in time and really it was all I could do to restrain myself from tearing into the package. I did inspect it to see if it was open-able...it wasn't. So I just stood there taking pictures of it with my cell phone camera; joining my daughter in pleas of, "I want this...soooo bad!" My husband was a little disturbed that I replaced the picture of my children with that of a small plastic horse. So there it is, I don't know if this accusation would hold up in court...but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! But the story does have a happy ending. Mandee fixed my hair. And it's a lot of fun now.

Actions I should not have taken:

Cutting own bangs

Making 3 batches of cookies this week...so far.

Actions I should be taking, but am too lazy:

Getting a job...

I have kind of tried. So I'm not a complete lost cause...But my heart isn't in it. Of all the jobs I could possibly have, being a stay at home mom is by far the most rewarding. I love my kids. And I love it when they are with me. The idea of childcare in any way, shape, or form really frightens me. I am already having some serious issues with preschool. I really don't care for Preschool Chickie...she makes UT paraphernalia and talks like a little southern boy. She is not a very nice sister and pretty sassy to me. However, stay at home Chickie is a complete delight, she is so darling with her brother and sweet to me. She makes very inventive crafts. Today she made a rocket out of an oatmeal box, painted several paintings and scavenged two pieces of trash for creative purposes; a plastic bottle for an instrument and an empty chocolate chip bag to scent her toys.

You know, I even got my degree with the idea that it would serve me well as a mother. And it has. I love that I have a degree in Studio Art. I'm all about doing fun creative things with my kids. But in retrospect, maybe it wasn't so smart. I'm not very well prepared for taking economic action. I think I have a long line of acting on things impulsively and with just a really optimistic outlook about how life will be. One thing I wish I understood: How some women stay at home and work. I am especially jealous of those moms who do some sort of creative entrepreneurial endeavor.
A good friend of mine had a really rough week. I hope I never have to go through what she is dealing with right now. Which is 100% out of her control, yet she is dealing with it. And then there are my own problems which are 100% my fault. Either way...life is challenging. And either way, you can look at things and question, "WHY ME?" But I think there is a lot to say for how you choose to look at whatever you are dealing with. I think I'll look through my rose colored glasses as often as I can, just like my friend.

Last week Bentley had a field day in the pots and pans and put a big fat crack right in the middle of one of my glass bread pans. I didn't have the heart to throw it away, so I just put it on the bottom shelf of my pantry. Today, as I was finishing making bread, I remembered that one of my pans was broken. I got it out to look at it and I couldn't find any crack at all! Was I wrong the first time? Maybe. Does glass self heal? I don't think so. But I'd like to just think it was a little miracle. I have had a few this week. And even if I'm slightly delusional, I prefer to believe in miracles. It makes every thing else a little easier to bear.

Today, I'm thankful for rain and my realtor/therapist.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gunk on Noodles

Yep, that's right. We had Gunk on Noodles for dinner tonight. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com although what I made only resembled the true recipe. Basically you use what you have. It was oddly good.
Today I'm thankful for dessert.