Saturday, May 31, 2008

Salon Mommy

That's right. Salon Mommy.  Mandee gave me a bunch of garage sale fodder when she moved all the way to California.  My friend is gone, but I have all of her condiments, random food from her freezer, and her swing set.  It still is no replacement for not having her.  BUT, as long as I have her stuff I might as well pretend to be a little more like her.  Or maybe with all her extra stuff around I thought I was somehow channeling her hair dressing skills.  I found a box of combs and brushes and clips and little razor thingies (what ARE those anyway--you may as well tell me, you know if you don't I'll try to figure it out on my own!).  

So I'm digging through the box and I find this really cool kids smock.  I immediately issue an open call to Salon Mommy.  I'm at first met with resistance, that is until I impress my would-be clients with my fishie smock.  At last I have my first customer.  The scary part is that I think I can actually cut her hair and she says she wants it super short so I just start snipping away.  
The result is this:
Not exactly even, but is that really the whole idea behind hair cuts?  Well, it took me two revisionary attempts. But I think it's actually not too terribly bad at this point.  
This is embarrassing.   I can't believe I'm even posting it.  Ah well, what is it with me and hair?  I always do something rash and end up regretting it later. I should leave all future hair cutting and dying attempts to the professionals.  I've already told the cutting story I'm not telling the dying one!  How many hair fiascos can one family endure in one day??
Until I get a better hair picture, here she is with her new kindergarten teacher.
Mrs. Stedina.  She actually came to our house for a home visit!  How awesome is that.  As you can tell they got along just great. I think Chickie will be much less nervous to start school in July.  And so will I. 
Speaking of school.  Maybe I should start considering beauty school just as a risk management option for myself.

Today I'm grateful for Mrs. Stedina, nap time, and technology that keeps me in touch with friends both old and new, near and far.  Oh, and of course I'm grateful for the "If at first you don't succeed try, try again" philosophy.  Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be! ha

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do I subconsciously like like yellow?

Today, as I was sitting at the kitchen table with Chickie eating a consolatory ice cream cone, as is our custom after surviving a visit to the doctor, I notice a little yellow.  The door of our little FHE chart is painted yellow.  How odd, I thought.  Since yellow is not usually my top pick.  And the color of the door to our symbolic home should be somewhat uh...symbolic.  Although as I type this I remember I went through a yellow door faze. 
At any rate, I went through the house counting yellow things.  Oddly enough, I was wearing my one yellow shirt, and each of us has one in our closet.  
A random yellow banana magnet on the fridge.  This probably falls under the toy category and just for the record I did not count yellow toys.  We have many many yellow duck/chick type toys.  
There are a few yellow books in my bookcase.  There are my yellow kitchen gloves, although, had there been a choice at the time, I would have opted for any other color.  
Weirdest of all I  painted myself wearing a yellow shirt in this huge purple painting.  Probably to counteract the purple-ness of the rest of it.

In spin class this morning our instructor had us guess the base color to the names of the new crayola crayons.  Does that make sense?  She said, "happily ever after"  I answered, "blue"  therefore I didn't have to sprint with the rest of the class.  

When I was little I chose blue as my favorite color.  My reasoning was not that I liked it best, but I felt sorry for it because all the other girls chose pink or purple.  Who feels sorry for a color?  That should have been my first clue that I am waay to sensitive for my own good.  I guess it comes in handy sometimes.  Others, not so much.  

Although, now I think blue genuinely is my favorite color.  Especially green-y/turquoise-y shades of blue.  

Is there no point to this post?  Ah, yes.  Back to the doctor.  Poor's allergies!!  When you think of allergies don't you just think:  YELLOW.

How do you feel about yellow?  And how do you think I feel about yellow?  I'm so confused!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My to do list today:
nice long run: check
healthy breakfast: check
get ready:  check
popcorn and cookies for lunch:  in about 10 more minutes

Bentley's list for today:
break off the ends of mom's paintbrushes in keyhole:  check
dump out all of mom's strait pins on berber carpet:  check
fall asleep while eating lunch:  check

Olivia's to do list:
whine and complain about feeling sick:  check, check, double check
change bentley's diaper complete with diaper cream and all: check
tell mom:  check

What a weird day. What a weird week.

My friend called to tell me about her new big volunteering job(s) and I started to cry.  She kept saying how now that both Riley and Addison will be in sports for a while she thought she should get involved.  I said, "That's the kind of thing that moms with big kids do!" WAAAAA.
I think my feelings on this subject may have been just a little peaked because of a kindergarten meeting earlier this week.

My other friend is moving all the way to CA.  WAAAAA.

To distract myself from all of the growing up and moving on going around over here I am eating treats for lunch and letting my kids rule the roost.  That is only as a last resort. Yesterday I tried organizing, and today an extra long run.  So when all else fails turn to food right?  Probably not the best idea.  But...what do ya do?

To cheer myself up I played around on this site.  My maiden named spelled Beadle Tannery.
That made me laugh. 

I'm thankful to have people in my life that I care about.  

Friday, May 16, 2008


We got to gymnastics early today.  I said, "We're early."  Chickie says, "What does early mean?"
I can promise you she has no such confusion with the word late.

it's nice to have a friend

Some more Florida moments, courtesy of Lindsay. 
These two had a great time together.
Here they were huddled around Kayli's dad's iphone watching Hanna Montana episodes.
Isn't it nice to have a friend.  A partner in crime, a cohort.  I'm sure there will be many more of these moments for her in her life.  Many sleepovers yet to come.  There is something so sweet about the innocence of childhood.  The ease of making friends.  They met on vacation and they were friends.  Neither of them cared what the other's accomplishments were or how they dressed, or how different they were from each other.  They just enjoyed the new friendship and exploring new ideas together.
I'm thankful for the example of children.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

we are so edward and bella

if only they were 30 instead of 17. ha ha ha! And if only we were lying in a meadow instead of the beach.  This is the pic Lindsay took of us in Florida.  Don't we look amazingly beautiful?  My face was photoshopped like crazy.  But a girl can pretend right?  This is what we would look like if we were famous and all our pictures were retouched.

Notice Chris's limp hand at my side.  He loathes PDA (public displays of affection) and this was not in his comfort zone.  He really does love me I promise.  

Thanks Lindsay! You are awesome.  I love to see talented people in action.  
I had wondered why all the people she photographs are so gorgeous.  I was beginning to think all the people in Utah are perfectly flawless.

guess who

Why, it's Ariel and Prince Eric.
Chickie's a puppet hair pro.

Yesterday we found out who Chickie's kindergarten teacher is. I'm so excited! 

Monday, May 12, 2008

something fun

My dad was passing through the airport in Paris.  I asked him to get me a magazine while he was there.  And it came today.  How fun!  Thanks, Dad!

He was on his way back to Bolivia from Africa.  Isn't my dad so worldly and cool, very Indiana Jones.  At least in my mind.  There was an incident in my childhood involving him chasing his favorite hat (it looked just like this I swear!) down a river when we were camping. So whenever anyone asks me about my dad I say he's just like Indiana least as much as a cultural anthropologist can be.  Oh, look. I found a picture of him in the hat. Baking bread on one of our camping trips. I need to learn another language. And update my passport. It's been too long since I've been anywhere remotely cool.There was a fun perfume sample that actually sprayed.  How fun is that. Do we have those? I don't remember seeing one before.

Thanks again dad!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


We were total city girls.  First a trip to the KMA, followed by downtown shopping, and a little self assigned art project of our own!

I'm thankful for a day with my sister!


we were regular farm girls (and guy).
First some serious berry picking.

We followed that up with egg hunting. One chicken got loose and when Rose went to get it, it had a worm in it's mouth.  And it ate it while she was toting it back to the coop.  EW.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have been so pouty this week over my fabric design computer troubles. Its very isolating with no one who knows what they are doing nearby to trouble shoot with.  But I have had some other things to cheer me up.

Riley is here to stay for a few days.
We have chicken duty again.
My little sister is headed my way.
so are my parents, 
my on line video rental is sending me the good version of Pride and Prejudice
Mandee called to tell me about the Twilight preview she found here.

Well life isn't always as easy as we wish it would be, but there are still good things to look forward to.
Speaking of good things. I'm pleased to report that I loved Jane Eyre! Great ending.  And I'm moving on to Romeo and Juliet.  Should I be embarrassed to admit that I'm reading Stephanie Meyer's book list.  Yes, I probably should. But of course you can't go wrong with Romeo and Juliet.

Friday, May 2, 2008

girls night out

Heather and I took Riley and Chickie on a fun girls night.  And although they weren't the most sophisticated dinner companions, they were a blast at the little girly girly store.
Matching horse Best and Friend necklaces. Remember those?

And the most fun of all matching glittery snap bracelets!

What's not to love?  I'm grateful for these girls, friendships, and don't we all love girls nights.  This makes my second one in a week (if book club counts!) and I think it should, don't you!
p.s.  Jane Eyre is killing me at the moment. I'm really hoping it has a good ending.  Don't tell me!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

this brings new meaning

to feasting on the word.  Can ya see the bite mark?

little stinker.