Friday, May 2, 2008

girls night out

Heather and I took Riley and Chickie on a fun girls night.  And although they weren't the most sophisticated dinner companions, they were a blast at the little girly girly store.
Matching horse Best and Friend necklaces. Remember those?

And the most fun of all matching glittery snap bracelets!

What's not to love?  I'm grateful for these girls, friendships, and don't we all love girls nights.  This makes my second one in a week (if book club counts!) and I think it should, don't you!
p.s.  Jane Eyre is killing me at the moment. I'm really hoping it has a good ending.  Don't tell me!


mindy said...

fun fun!!d

Kathryn said...

That's so cute! It looks like so much fun. It makes me wish I had a girl. Girls are so are boys! :) I miss Chickie! I want to get to know little Bentley better. I bet he has changed so much. He is such a stud.