Thursday, January 28, 2010

sewing a landscape

As promised, here is what I'm working on for my bed! Chris asked for bedding for Christmas (I know, I'm so lucky!) and I used that as an excuse to make a new quilt for our bed. Of course.

I love that this quilt is called Hills 'n' Hollers. The hills are all applique. I am definitely no expert. I sewed on these two hills last night. I'm pretty sure it took me an hour or more. Hopefully by the end I will become a super speedy applique expert. Otherwise, this could take a while.
wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out with it already

My poor, sad little blog. It kind of matches poor, sad little me. I was just asked to talk to the girls at church about how I use my blog as a journal. Super casual just for a few minutes. Still, how embarrassing. I haven't blogged in like, a decade, in blog years (what do ya think...too many commas?). Truth be told...I have three blog posts in draft mode. I keep wanting to share the sad news about how my fabric line got the ax about a week before my Grammy died (yeah, months ago). But I somehow never found the words. So there it is. bleah.
And we have been wrestling with some kinda tough decisions around here. But I think we are finally decided and clearing the air like that really makes way for life to start happening again. Tonight I'm working on this in blues and greens. I'll take a few pics of the very beginning stages tomorrow.
It feels good to be blogging again.

RIP Magnolia Westwood