Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out with it already

My poor, sad little blog. It kind of matches poor, sad little me. I was just asked to talk to the girls at church about how I use my blog as a journal. Super casual just for a few minutes. Still, how embarrassing. I haven't blogged in like, a decade, in blog years (what do ya think...too many commas?). Truth be told...I have three blog posts in draft mode. I keep wanting to share the sad news about how my fabric line got the ax about a week before my Grammy died (yeah, months ago). But I somehow never found the words. So there it is. bleah.
And we have been wrestling with some kinda tough decisions around here. But I think we are finally decided and clearing the air like that really makes way for life to start happening again. Tonight I'm working on this in blues and greens. I'll take a few pics of the very beginning stages tomorrow.
It feels good to be blogging again.

RIP Magnolia Westwood


Kathryn said...

Drea, that is so sad. I love the design of the name though. I have been in a blogging drought myself. Life has gotten so hard lately I feel too depressed to blog. I hope things get better with you and I need to call you. Love you.

One Happy Family said...

Glad to see you blogging again. I actually clicked on here today to write you and see how you were. I've thought about you and figured life must have gotten tough. I hope whatever you are going through (decisions to be made) a ray of sunshine finds you today! Much love.

cally said...

Your fabric is awesome! Don't give up! I love it.

Glad you're blogging again, too.

erin said...

I also love your fabric Drea. I don't know what the people were thinking that turned it down, especially since I think most of the fabric on the market isn't that great. I love the quilt pattern and Denyse Schmidt. I wish you lived closer so I could get some quilting tips from you. I want to make some quilts but have no idea what I'm doing. Good luck!

Lori said...

That was a tough one to post, you did it very nicely. So sad, Magnolia Westwood is gorgeous.
(So is Andrea.)

mindy said...

I love your fabric!!! I'm sorry it got cut. They don't know a good thing when they see it!

I'm sorry you've been dealing with tough decisions. That can be stressful. Too bad you the decision wasn't about moving to Utah to be my neighbor! :o)

I love you!

andrea said...

Thanks friends!!

Merrida said...

sorry to hear your line got the ax. I think Magnolia Westwood is great! Keep at it..your time will come!! Glad you are blogging again!

bari said...

That stinks!!! I loved the line. And I was waiting for it. I'm sad for you, but I hope you hang in there. Because you are really talented. Much love,