Thursday, May 15, 2008

we are so edward and bella

if only they were 30 instead of 17. ha ha ha! And if only we were lying in a meadow instead of the beach.  This is the pic Lindsay took of us in Florida.  Don't we look amazingly beautiful?  My face was photoshopped like crazy.  But a girl can pretend right?  This is what we would look like if we were famous and all our pictures were retouched.

Notice Chris's limp hand at my side.  He loathes PDA (public displays of affection) and this was not in his comfort zone.  He really does love me I promise.  

Thanks Lindsay! You are awesome.  I love to see talented people in action.  
I had wondered why all the people she photographs are so gorgeous.  I was beginning to think all the people in Utah are perfectly flawless.


Amber said...

I'm doing a "wolf whistle" for you (even though I can't do one in real life!)

mindy said...

whoo hoo! what a fun picture! yup, photoshop is a girl's best friend. :o)

Whitaker Family said...

I thought people in Utah were exceptionally beautiful too. Good to know it's Photoshop and not just better genes out there.

andrea said...

ha ha you guys make me laugh!