Thursday, May 22, 2008


My to do list today:
nice long run: check
healthy breakfast: check
get ready:  check
popcorn and cookies for lunch:  in about 10 more minutes

Bentley's list for today:
break off the ends of mom's paintbrushes in keyhole:  check
dump out all of mom's strait pins on berber carpet:  check
fall asleep while eating lunch:  check

Olivia's to do list:
whine and complain about feeling sick:  check, check, double check
change bentley's diaper complete with diaper cream and all: check
tell mom:  check

What a weird day. What a weird week.

My friend called to tell me about her new big volunteering job(s) and I started to cry.  She kept saying how now that both Riley and Addison will be in sports for a while she thought she should get involved.  I said, "That's the kind of thing that moms with big kids do!" WAAAAA.
I think my feelings on this subject may have been just a little peaked because of a kindergarten meeting earlier this week.

My other friend is moving all the way to CA.  WAAAAA.

To distract myself from all of the growing up and moving on going around over here I am eating treats for lunch and letting my kids rule the roost.  That is only as a last resort. Yesterday I tried organizing, and today an extra long run.  So when all else fails turn to food right?  Probably not the best idea.  But...what do ya do?

To cheer myself up I played around on this site.  My maiden named spelled Beadle Tannery.
That made me laugh. 

I'm thankful to have people in my life that I care about.  


mindy said...

yikes! i'm sorry about the broken paintbrushes, strait pins, sick kids and unsupervised diaper changing. And friends moving. :o( waah.

good job on the extra long run.

Kathryn said...

It's so hard being a mom of two little kids. I myself am feeling the urge to get out of the house for a little while and do something for me...and I just got back from Dacy's. How pathetic. I feel your pain.

Kathryn said...

Andrea, I need to know more about this "Wee wonderfuls". Can you get the patterns?