Saturday, May 31, 2008

Salon Mommy

That's right. Salon Mommy.  Mandee gave me a bunch of garage sale fodder when she moved all the way to California.  My friend is gone, but I have all of her condiments, random food from her freezer, and her swing set.  It still is no replacement for not having her.  BUT, as long as I have her stuff I might as well pretend to be a little more like her.  Or maybe with all her extra stuff around I thought I was somehow channeling her hair dressing skills.  I found a box of combs and brushes and clips and little razor thingies (what ARE those anyway--you may as well tell me, you know if you don't I'll try to figure it out on my own!).  

So I'm digging through the box and I find this really cool kids smock.  I immediately issue an open call to Salon Mommy.  I'm at first met with resistance, that is until I impress my would-be clients with my fishie smock.  At last I have my first customer.  The scary part is that I think I can actually cut her hair and she says she wants it super short so I just start snipping away.  
The result is this:
Not exactly even, but is that really the whole idea behind hair cuts?  Well, it took me two revisionary attempts. But I think it's actually not too terribly bad at this point.  
This is embarrassing.   I can't believe I'm even posting it.  Ah well, what is it with me and hair?  I always do something rash and end up regretting it later. I should leave all future hair cutting and dying attempts to the professionals.  I've already told the cutting story I'm not telling the dying one!  How many hair fiascos can one family endure in one day??
Until I get a better hair picture, here she is with her new kindergarten teacher.
Mrs. Stedina.  She actually came to our house for a home visit!  How awesome is that.  As you can tell they got along just great. I think Chickie will be much less nervous to start school in July.  And so will I. 
Speaking of school.  Maybe I should start considering beauty school just as a risk management option for myself.

Today I'm grateful for Mrs. Stedina, nap time, and technology that keeps me in touch with friends both old and new, near and far.  Oh, and of course I'm grateful for the "If at first you don't succeed try, try again" philosophy.  Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be! ha

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mandee said...

I finally have internet and of course that means hours of blog catch up. And so here i am laughing my head off at you--uhhh i mean with you just a little delayed. You are a nut that is all i can say-- oh and yes leave it to the professionals! LOL LOL LOL!!!