Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do I subconsciously like like yellow?

Today, as I was sitting at the kitchen table with Chickie eating a consolatory ice cream cone, as is our custom after surviving a visit to the doctor, I notice a little yellow.  The door of our little FHE chart is painted yellow.  How odd, I thought.  Since yellow is not usually my top pick.  And the color of the door to our symbolic home should be somewhat uh...symbolic.  Although as I type this I remember I went through a yellow door faze. 
At any rate, I went through the house counting yellow things.  Oddly enough, I was wearing my one yellow shirt, and each of us has one in our closet.  
A random yellow banana magnet on the fridge.  This probably falls under the toy category and just for the record I did not count yellow toys.  We have many many yellow duck/chick type toys.  
There are a few yellow books in my bookcase.  There are my yellow kitchen gloves, although, had there been a choice at the time, I would have opted for any other color.  
Weirdest of all I  painted myself wearing a yellow shirt in this huge purple painting.  Probably to counteract the purple-ness of the rest of it.

In spin class this morning our instructor had us guess the base color to the names of the new crayola crayons.  Does that make sense?  She said, "happily ever after"  I answered, "blue"  therefore I didn't have to sprint with the rest of the class.  

When I was little I chose blue as my favorite color.  My reasoning was not that I liked it best, but I felt sorry for it because all the other girls chose pink or purple.  Who feels sorry for a color?  That should have been my first clue that I am waay to sensitive for my own good.  I guess it comes in handy sometimes.  Others, not so much.  

Although, now I think blue genuinely is my favorite color.  Especially green-y/turquoise-y shades of blue.  

Is there no point to this post?  Ah, yes.  Back to the doctor.  Poor's allergies!!  When you think of allergies don't you just think:  YELLOW.

How do you feel about yellow?  And how do you think I feel about yellow?  I'm so confused!


mindy said...

i like yellow. but it has to be happy bananas & sunshine yellow, and not mustard yellow. (Though, honestly, mustard yellow in the right context can be pretty cool, too.) Yellow is probably one of my favorite colors, though since it isn't a color I can wear well, you might not guess that.

Blue was my favorite color growing up, too. I didn't identify much with pink until Zion was born. Then suddenly I couldn't get enough pink. But my mom always liked how blues (both navy & light) looked with my hair and eyes, so she started dressing me in blue at a young age and it just stuck.

And while I can't remember if I ever felt sorry for a color, I can relate to feeling sorry for things without feelings. Every once in a while I would get ALL my stuffed animals out and play school or something else with them, because I felt bad that some were played with less than others.

My analysis of your yellow situation: you don't love it, but you appreciate the way it can liven up things. Hence the yellow shirt in each closet, the yellow door on the house...

Kathryn said...

Ok, so I went through my house...I don't own a single thing that is yellow. Well, actually that's not true. I do have some yellow flowers mixed with white ones in a vase, but I don't think that counts. I don't own any clothes that are yellow, but yellow really looks bad on me. It makes me look green. I actually counted all of Preston's yellow shirts and he owns 6. Everett and Lincoln don't have any clothes that are pure yellow, but they do have toys that are yellow. From your post I have come to realize that I don't like the color yellow. Now gold, that is a different story. I like a rich golden color, but not really yellow. It's not like I hate yellow, it's just not my first choice in color. Anyway, when I think of allergies I think of yellow as well. I think yellow is a complicated color for me, because when I think of yellow I also think of the sun and of Christ. Two things that I love. Sorry I went on and on, but it is interesting to think of a color and then think of the first thing that comes to mind. Or to think of the colors that you are drawn to. I am drawn to orange, green, and blue. I love those colors. :) I think you like yellow. You are an artist...and I think an artist appreciates colors for what they are. I would say that you don't love yellow, but you appreciate it, like Mindy said. You see value in what yellow can do. Yellow is your friend, it is a friendly color. :)

mindy said...

oh, and according to that color personality test (red/white/blue/yellow), I'm a fairly solid YELLOW! (Since becoming a mom I've added some white, but I hear that's pretty common.)

Amy Llano said...

Funny, you posted about yellow. I never really liked it until I got older. At some point, it started to represent happiness and hope for me....but I never let my newfound adoration for the color overrule purple. Purple had been nominated my favorite when I was 9, and my uncle gave me a gift for Christmas. But before I opened it, he asked me, "What's your favorite color, Amy?" Confused, and suddenly feeling pressured, I blurted, "Red!" Dismay flashed across his face, and I felt my heart drop. He had bought me a fancy purple blouse....From then on, purple it was! He was, after all my favorite uncle.

My daughter, Adriana, is 6 now, and has always had a love of painting, coloring, and all things creative. Around 3 or 4, still being the spoiled 'princess' of the family, she wouldn't allow me to have the same favorite color as her. :( So, I chose yellow.

Now, it's grown on me, and I'm happy that I've given her my favorite color, and happy to have yellow as mine.

Cool post.

andrea said...

Love it!! I love that you all have such strong reactions to the subject of yellow!

Amy--that's quite the sacrifice, giving up your favorite color!