Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chicka Chicka Boom--A sad tale

This is a very sad, disturbing story. If you decide to read it don't say I didn't warn you.

My daughter's nickname is Chickie...but when she was a mere fetus her full nickname was chicken, inadvertently named by my sister. The name stuck, and luckily naturally shortened to Chickie full time by the time she was one, at least. The name has proved to be true to life for her. She is, in fact, quite a "chicken" for all things dark, crawly, high, and intimidating. And then there is her favorite pal. The germ ridden side kick that makes all parents cringe. This toy goes by the name of Ducky or Baby Week (named from the sound it makes in it's natural habitat, "Week week." In fact, baby week is not the only chick friend she has, there is a whole collection of peeps. The newest inductee is named Bud Bud. It is a little ceramic duck she bought for a dollar. And she built it a house...with a little help from her dad.

Yesterday we went to a friends house who had 16 baby chicks. I can sadly, only describe the scene, because I forgot my camera. There were yellow chicks, yellow leaves, and happy children everywhere. Especially, my little Chickie. She was in chick heaven and LOVING it! She was holding them, herding them, chasing them, petting them. Until she was finally standing still amidst a pond of ducks. The children were in a circle of sorts focused on a few chicks in the middle. When Chickie, in her delighted state, jumped with glee. I saw the whole thing. She jumped on a baby chick! The children saw it struggling, "Mommy it's bleeding!" Their mom went to inspect it. I told what I saw. She very calmly said, "Well, it's neck is broken so it's going to die. But that's OK." Then she put her hands over so the children couldn't watch it die. And we all just sat their stunned, glee gone, until it stopped moving. Then, she scooped it up. And that was that. Chickie was surprisingly calm. We all were. There was sadness but no tears. All the effect of a very calm mother of six who told the truth. Chickie will hopefully not be traumatized for life. I can't imagine accidentally killing my favorite animal. So heartbreakingly sad. Freakishly disturbing. It's never fun dealing with the facts of life. This was yesterday, and last night she asked me if the fire alarms were working. Earlier this year our cousins died in a house fire and I think this whole incident brought back the realities of life and death. A strange and sad reality to learn so thoroughly at such a young age.

Today I'm thankful the calm, sensitive handling of that situation and a new day.


Brother Man said...

That's so sad. Poor Chickie.

Tall Tall Sister said...

That is so sad! Poor Chickie!

mindy said...

Oh my!! That's awful. I am afraid I would not have handled it calmly, as I am extremely attached to living creatures, but I agree that such handling was likely the best way to avoid long term negative effects.

Was it a duckling or a chick? I'm confused.