Friday, October 26, 2007

good things.

good thing number one. We have a closing date and it appears to be smooth sailing until nov 14. at which point it should be even smoother sailing.

good thing number two. My sister sent me the best package ever. Which totally made my day yesterday. And here's why:and if that weren't enough, there is really nothing better than torturing children with really awesome costumes.

We spent the whole day braiding pony hair. It was really fun.

That was yesterday. The day before yesterday, I asked Chickie what she had enjoyed the most about soccer. She said, "running." I said, maybe you'll be like me and like to run. So in the morning she of course wanted to go running with me. I said yes and the three of us and her stuffed pumpkin set off on a nice jog. She actually did a pretty good job. We had to take several breaks, but she runs at a pretty good pace. I ran a little more on my own after she was done. So this morning we went jogging again. This time she wanted to take her ponies with her. We have been going pony crazy and loving it! Thanks Katie! love ya.


mindy said...

aw, yay! i'm glad you got the ponies! I actually looked at them when I had to go to Wal-Mart after you mentioned them, and I so wished I could buy them for you. But it was during the time when we seriously had zero money to spend on fun things, so I had to let that good deed go undone. How fun for you and Chickie, and how sweet of your sister!
Congrats on the house sale. Where are you moving to?

andrea said...

thanks mindy!