Thursday, February 19, 2009

these kids have strep


Can't you tell?

I'm loving Bentley in his Buzz Lightyear costume...he's only about 4 months too late.

What do you think Heather?  (this used to be Addison's I can't believe it!)


Chickie was dressed up as "Mrs. Buzz Lightyear."

This is the 3rd time Chickie has had strep this year!!! This time they gave her a shot in the rear.  Bentley got one too.  Poor guy, it's only his first time.  But hopefully this will end the madness.

I just love having Olivia home.  I love her playing and being happy.  School makes her grouchy.

I'm SO tempted to do homeschool.  Only she is so disappointed to be missing school!
I overheard her explaining to Bentley that dinosaurs are extinct.  "And that doesn't mean they are stinky!  It means they died a long, long time ago."
She learned that at school.  Too funny.

Instead they played, watched movies, and tried to figure out the perfect amount of time to dunk graham crackers in milk.  I like 7 or 12.  That's not seconds, just 1234567eat.

I'm thankful for sick days.


The Holler Hinckleys said...

They are way to cute to be sick!
Hyrum is in my lap wanting to know "Who is that boy? Is that my friend? I don't remember that friend."
Being a Mom is the Best!!!

The Hinckley's said...

Sick days are so nice. It really makes you appreciate being a stay-at-home mommy. I'd have to agree about the grouch thing. I swear as soon as I tell Dawson he's not going to school he is the happiest little sick boy. Funny how that is. The pic's are so cute. Cart is jealous...he says "I want to be's cute".

Stacey said...

I am sorry to hear your babies are sick. :( I hope they feel better soon. Glad you got some funny and happy time with Chickie though.

Kathryn said...

I Love the dishes! So pretty! I love blue. I didn't know they were sick, how sad. They got a shot in the booty! Ouch. I hope they get better. :)

Ben and Tanya said...

I see you have a Buzz fan too! Isn't it great!? Sorry to hear January was a bad month for you. It's not my favorite either. Your kids are darling! The photography is great.

Amber said...

Drea, you have such beautiful children! I just wanted to say that I can relate to the grumpy worn out from school kids. That is one of the things that directed us toward home-schooling as well. I try not to be the militant homeschooler mom that insists that it is the only way to live, it has definitley done some really really great things for our family though. I have been really happy with our decision. If you ever need a sounding board, I'd be happy to talk with you about it. Hope your cuties are back to 100% soon!

Heather said...

I can't believe he is big enough to wear that...or that Addison was ever that little! Hey, when is chickie's spring break? maybe we can come out there!!