Friday, June 29, 2007

Musings on the Carnton Plantation and other Thursday events

So, not long ago on a mini "vacation" the kids and I stumbled upon (i.e. got lost and ended up at) the Carnton Plantation in Franklin TN. Chickie woke up from her zombie like slumber, the slumber so deep that had me driving around semi-aimlessly in the first place, and I told her with as much enthusiasm as I could possibly animate that we were going to a Mansion! Reluctantly she got out of the car. It seemed like a good idea at the time, taking 2 small children on a historical tour. Honestly, they were pretty great all things considered. The last tour like this that I went on was in Utah at Wheeler Farm and the tour guide that day was just filling in and had absolutely zero knowledge of the farm house. So that was the basis of my expectation for this tour. However, the tour guide at Carnton was also the historian. He reminded me of Westley from the Princess Bride in that I was both entertained and slightly afraid of he looked a lot like him. Needless to say he was very passionate about the subject and painted a very exciting picture. My two favorite details were: 1. the awesome floor cloth in the dining room. Very inspiring. I need to shellac mine a lot more. And 2. the part about the nanny that ended up marrying one of the wounded soldiers that had to stay in the house for several months after the battle of Franklin. I found the whole thing quite fascinating and now looking at their web site they have ghost tours! I so want to go to that. I don't know what made me think of that just now. Maybe filling out my profile and thinking about Jane Austen. Is there a southern version of Jane Austen? I need to branch out and read some more good fiction, or historical fiction. I probably read way too many self- help books. How much help do I need? Do I really want to ask that question.... You know what I really need to read is Eats, Shoots and Leaves I have the worst punctuation. Maybe I just need to lay into a good Harbrace.

Today we went to the "beach" ( a pool called "The Beach") and it was really fun. Chickie went off of the diving board! I wish I got a picture of her jumping it was the cutest thing ever.

Other thursday haps: I was so saddened by the SYTYCD results. :( Jessi and Jesus were two of my favorite dancers. bummer.

Today I am thankful for a great day with Heather Addison and Riley at "the beach" and my kiddos of course. Heather is a great friend. She is an inspiration to me of how to be a truely great friend. Chickie thought the kiddie pool was for kitties. And Riley decided to water the grass with her mouth....if only I had a sound clip of her saying that in her 3 year old dialect. SO funny! Being a mom is the best! I get to spend all day laughing...well mostly, not counting bed time.

bedtime (after the teethbrushing, before the stories and the crying)


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mandee said...

ok-- what did I tell you, love to blog and I love that you do too! I have to agree with last nights SYTYCD results. So sad that she "brought sexy back" after the tragic hospital thing, and still got kicked off. I have to tell you this show totally gets my toes a tappin'. Maybe we (jammy,me,you,Chris etc.?) need to get together and let it all out! whoo hooo!