Tuesday, June 26, 2007

something new

My first blog! Cling! It's such a momentous occasion. I feel very Carrie Bradshaw--the edited version mind you. Typing away. Hoping to find meaning in the everyday happenings of life.

Today has been lovely. The winds of change are blowing. Yet at the same time I'm really enjoying the contentment that this moment in my life is right now. My husband is adorable, very lovable. My daughter is almost too creative for me to handle. She is the constant reminder of how I block myself from the spontaneity of life. She is absolutely right most of the time in that there are no real reasons to not just get out there and enjoy the moment. Why wait till later? Those noodle necklaces won't string themselves you know. And there really is no need to mark it on the calendar for another date when we have today. Ah, and then there is Bentley. He makes us all laugh countless times throughout the day. It's so amazing watching him explore the world for the first time. His two biggest motivators are food and paper. He is finally an official crawler. I keep forgetting. Today he got into the pantry for the first time. Just chillin' picking dust bunnies off of the broom. Very funny.

Moments from today...

playing the wii

bathing cuties

Today I'm greatful for Mandee for sharing with me to the joys of blogging and new shampoo--the good stuff. :)



mandee said...

ok now you are going to show me up on blogging. you are so much more eloquent in your words--love it. how in the world did you get the link on my name?? this has been puzzling me for quite a while--ahh!


mandee said...

FYI you have to unblock anonymous comments so that people don't have to have an account to comment.

Aunt Darcy said...

Hi Drea girl,
It's Aunt Darcy!
I love your blog! It's my bithday eve and we went out to dinner with Dan and Jed and friend Theresa(Dan's not mine, but I like her) I drank to much wine. I hope your 4th is happy. Think of me and think happy thoughts. becouse I'll be having a great day and send you all my love. Tell Chickie she makes a great pirate and Bentley surely would be the best first matie. I'l be sure to show the girls. They all things PIRATE!