Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Year of the House

SO this year has been dedicated to two things. Having a baby and re-doing our house. I must say I did an excellent job on the baby. The house was largely cosmetic but it was still such an undertaking. It is such a relief to have it done. The huge to-do list in my mind is largely blank and I now have room for "fun" projects again.

Our house is ca. 1915.

Here are the Before and After shots.

On the exterior we got a new roof and painted the outside grey. It was yellow with a green door and green mailbox. We painted the mailbox black and the door white. We also got a porch swing.

This was the easiest part of the renovation...we just paid someone else to do this part. Well, Chris and Derek did rip off half of the roof and raise the right side over the porch, which was sagging. So really it's only true to say that the outside was the easiest part for me. One of the roofing guys left to go to the bathroom and never came back. And Chris said never again to roofing.

Entryway Before

We especially loved (and by loved I mean hated) the wallpaper borders on the stairs and ceiling. In this picture you can see straight through to the laundry room. The front part of the hall was pink and the back part was a magnolia wallpaper--which I actually liked but for the sake of continuity it had to go.

Entryway During

You gotta love the plaster walls. The one good thing about the wallpaper is that it hid all the cracks.

Chickie painting .

Entryway After

I still need to make a pretty curtain for the laundry room door. It has an open glass panel. The laundry room looks like an addition that used to be a back porch.

This blog of the house is quite the undertaking itself. We are off to do fun family stuff today. So more before and afters will be coming later.

I'm thankful that my house is done.

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Loved chillin' with your blog. Looking forward to reading everyday. Thanks for sharing.