Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RIP January 2009!!! well, it wasn't all bad.

January is gone and HOLY SMOKES I'm so glad!!!!  I'm a recovering complainer and as such I have to be SOO careful to not go there.  Easier said than done.  But at least it's easier not to whine on a blog...because it does take a little more effort that just opening your mouth. 
But just for fun I thought I'd share a few of the highlights.  
New Years Day my kids both broke out in hives all over their bodies.  I didn't care however, because my hands also had a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to something-I was in serious pain people.  You know something's wrong when you are in too much pain to care about your kids!!! I won't show pictures.  Went to an allergist, he says I'm not allergic to any foods....eat away! Weird.  But whatever.  He says I'm most likely allergic to nail polish and detergent.  Go figure!  
Next day Olivia's neck was swollen to the size of a baseball. 
 I bandaged up my un-useable hands and it took us three tries to find a walk in clinic that was open.  We had strep throat.  Chris was snowboarding.
The middle of the month was filled with interesting but unfortuntely unbloggable drama from all sides.  Me not working...and bored.  
Kids sick off and on.  
Chris woke up Sat. 5 am ish in serious pain.  He thought it was an ulcer.  I looked it up.  It said throw up (check) and drink water.  I got a huge drink of water and brought to him.  He was in pain.  I passed out.  Woke up in puddle of water on the floor.  I went to lay down.  Chris thought his appendix burst.  I looked it up.  It said:  might die.  don't drink anything!  We called an ambulance.  Didn't know where the hospital was. 
 A few hours later Chris learned he was going to deliver a rock baby. 
 We named it Stone Kidney Larsen.  Stone is a family name after all.  We are going to call him Grain for short though because that's how big he was.  And now I can never tease him about having to leave during Olivia's birth.  At least he didn't pass out and make me come to his aid!  And now I know how horrible it is to see and worry about someone you love in so much pain.  And I realized I really do love him so much more than when we first got married.  

So now January 2009 is gone.  May it rest in peace, far far away from me.  Bentley will get it with that iron stick if it tries to come back!  I will however look back at the bad times and have a little chuckle.  We will always remember the morning Chris got to fulfill his life long dream of riding in an ambulance.  Never say you can't reach your dreams people!  Hey, I'm here to inspire!


Hoopla said...

Good grief! I certainly hope that your February is better.

Sarah K.

Evaly said...

Sheesh- quite a crazy month for you! I love love love love your bag you made!! I have some Amy Butler scrapbook paper that is that design. SO CUTE!

Beth said...

I love you!! And I missed you blogging. You are so funny. Cute bag too!!

Merrida said...

It was definitely SO crazy and SCARY when all that happened with Chris, but looking back...and definitely because of the way you describe it, I can't help but laugh....and laugh. May February bring you LOVE and peace of mind...and hopefully some warmth and sunshine!!!

Stacey said...

Wow...what a month. I am glad to hear you all survived and are healthy.

I am sending happy thoughts for a great February your way! :)

BTW, I love that bag. You are so crafty. Why can't I just pay you to make my curtains? They'd be WAY nicer.