Thursday, January 22, 2009

the goodbye kiss

The kids and I decided to take advantage of a couple days off of school and head out of town.  We left Sunday night.  Chris was so great and helped us get all packed to go.  On the way out the door Chris picked up Bentley and started to open the door.  Then he stopped, turned around and gave me a really great good-bye kiss.  You know, the kind you wish every kiss was like.  Perfect.  We looked into each other's eyes...and then at the same time we kind of realized that Chris was still holding Bentley.  Our heads turned towards him.  His nose was all wrinkled up.  And he paused and then said, "GOSS!"  That's Bentley for gross!  Oops!  poor kid. 
Oddly enough, Chris was also holding B in this picture.  Although it was a "let's pose for a picture kiss, not a kiss, kiss."

Today and everyday I'm thankful that I have a hot man to make out with! (wink)