Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maggie and Stella

If I had twin girls that's what I would name them.  And I wouldn't dress them alike.  Well, maybe I wouldn't be able to help myself sometimes.  I knew the cutest little twins whose names were Zoe and Pheobe.  They were darling.  

These are for my sweetest daughter Chikie and my sweetest littlest sister Clara.  
I bought a LOT of this fabric.  I had plans to make curtains for Chickie's room in our last house.  But then I didn't want to make them when I knew we were going to move anyway.  So I decided I'd make a quilt instead.  Then the quilt I chose to make called for 1/8th of a yard of 31-36 fabrics.  So I decided to make twinner bags for two darling girls and I still have enough left over to make Olivia a Weekender Bag to match!   

I don't think Clara reads my blog...but if you do--it's in the mail!  xxxooo happy super late birthday. XO drea


Kathryn said...

I have that fabric! I used it on my bag. How funny! I love it.

Lori said...

You're on a roll! Please keep posting photos of your projects, you're inspiring.

cally said...

I love them.

I agree with Lori, post every project!

Katy Beth said...

Love them! Too cute!

zannyzoozoo said...


These are adorable. I was going to start on some aprons from my girls but you've inspired me... I think I'll make them some matching church bags instead. You are "uper" talented girl!


zannyzoozoo said...

Oops... I meant you are "uber" talented. I am such a DORK sometimes!!!

P.S. Put us on your calendar for a family photo shoot a little later this year. I love your work!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love your blog..beautiful children , beautiful things...and so much heart..I'm in love with Bently!!