Tuesday, February 3, 2009

show and tell

Yay!  I made something!  This is the weekender bag by Amy Butler.  I used one of her fabrics for the main and a Joel Dewberry print for the lining and etc.  I just love Amy Butler.  Who doesn't?  I spoke with her briefly at Market and she was of course, delightful.  Her sewing patterns are really easy to follow.  Have any of you ever listened to the Craft Sanity podcast with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood?  She is one nutty lady, I love it!!  And I found this interview with Amy Butler so interesting and inspiring!  

Now that I've conquered the bag I'm starting on the Single Girl quilt by Denyse Schmidt for Olivia!  I'm so excited!!! 

Yes, with a photo-shoot already under my belt for Feb...this month sure is looking up!  

I heart February!


Kathryn said...

Awesome Drea, I loved how in your post below you said you were a "recovering complainer". I'm a complainer, but I am going to strive to be a recovering one. That is awesome. Anyway, that post was so funny, and isn't it amazing how awesome Feb. is? I love it! It is such a great month, love is all around!
The bag is awesome! Really!
So are you starting to call Chickie Olivia now. How sad, I'm fond of Chickie, although I am biased since I did have a hand in the name. :)

cally said...

Oh, I just talked to Amy Butler, we discussed life and design, no big deal.


I love you.

And your bag.
And I'm coming over to quilt with you.

Pictures, please.

erin said...

I love that quilt pattern! I want to go and take one of her weekend workshops sometime. We should go together. I'm going to start on my first quilt in a couple weeks when I get my rotary cutter and mat for my birthday. I'll be making a crib quilt for Finn with some Heather Ross fabric that should be here any day now. Good luck with the quilt. I hope to see pictures!

Katy Beth said...

Super cute! Gosh, I love it! I can't wait to get back into all my crafty stuff again.

Merrida said...

Awesome bag!!! You are so talented in SO many ways!!!!

Lori said...

Piping?? I'm dizzy.