Monday, December 8, 2008

OH!! THAT's why we moved here!

SOOOO!  I am such a nerd!  After my last post I decided that excitable blabbermouths like myself should not be allowed to have blogs!  It should be against the rules!  There should be a disclaimer on blogger or some sort of question and answer test.  Ah well, what do ya do?  That's me I guess.  
So here Chris and I are with Jonathan Roberts and his pro partner Valentina.  They are the current American Smooth Champions! They are stinking awesome.  As the champions it makes sense that they would be!  Well, they are!  
Saturday night I danced for the very first time in a show!!! I was very proud of myself just for doing it!  And I didn't fall down.  And I think I did the dance almost as well as I can.  So I was happy with it.  If (when?) we get it on video I will put in on here!  Of course me, being me....I would choose to dance for the first time ever when the current champions and four other pro couples were dancing.  This studio is so awesome!  That's why we moved here!  And I have to admit I've slacked from my normal ways of being overly grateful and I kind of lost focus as to why it was we were here.  Instead I've been pouting about how small our house is and how cold and humid it is here. And how lame it is not knowing people....etc.etc.  And then added on that the stresses of trying to figure out how to be a working mom and still fit dance time in.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed the other day.  I had pretty much decided to stop dancing completely.  Then Chris and I worked out how we could make it more fun together.  Which basically meant really scaling back my progress as a dancer.  I was so sad it felt even worse than being tortured by having my husband as my dance teacher.  (love ya babe!)  Chris agreed he thought it was worse than being tortured by having his wife as his student!  So we went in Friday morning to practice and we had a pretty laid back but fun lesson.  Jonathan was there again and didn't have a coaching during one hour so Chris being the awesome guy that he is snagged him up and we got to have a coaching with him!  The first question Chris asked was, "How do you deal with dancing with your wife!?"  Jonathan said, "We quit!" We had a good laugh about it and I think it made Chris and I feel better. It really is hard for some reason.  You wouldn't think it would be.  But just trust me on this one.    The coaching was awesome!  It was for sure a ton of fun!  I can't wait to practice what he taught me more!  And I did get to dance with him for a teeny teeny bit as he was showing me how to drive down the floor with my legs.  SO that totally made a huge difference in my dancing and it made my day just because I'm such a nerd.

So it's time you all met Merrida:
Isn't she cute!  She's Chris's new pro partner. And I love, love her!  I got to see them dance for the first time Saturday even though they've been dancing together since before we actually moved here.  And I loved it!  They were awesome! I can't wait to see more.

So in other good news:  Saturday night I started dreaming again.  I love my dreams (except when I'm pregnant-yikes!) and I haven't had any since we moved.  So I guess something in my psyche is put to right now.  

This is so long! Holy smokes did anyone actually read it?  

I'm thankful for the numerous challenging opportunities that I have been insane enough to bring upon myself all at once.  Even though they make me cry sometimes.  Because it's worth it.

PS:  Note to self:  Next time you dance get super huge lashes like Merrida's and some lipstick might be a good idea. 

PPS:  Did I mention that everyone at DanceWorld is so awesome?  I seriously love everyone I have met.  

PPPS:  One of the other pro couples Saturday night were Jeremy Gatlin and Ana Harwood.  SO stinking fun watching them dance!  Jeremy said he would take me on as a student! Sweet!


mindy said...
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erin said...

I'm glad that you are getting back into dancing and having fun and getting to be surrounded by such great dancers. I know what you mean though about the husband as a teacher thing. I had Daniel try to help me learn to play the mandolin and it was weird. He was a great teacher, however... I don't know why but I didn't like it. Glad you're beginning to enjoy Nashville.

Kathryn said...

Im so happy for you!
OK, Preston and I took a social dance class together, to spend "quality" time together. We were always fighting afterwards and Preston vowed to never dance with me again. So, you and Chris really are doing awesome. :)
Oh, I went through this weird phase that I don't think you know about. I wore fake eyelashes for a while. I know, I know, you will make fun of me for that later...and I wore fake glasses. That is until I got my real reading glasses. I know, I know, now you're thinking you really aren't the nerd, or that it's genetic. Anyway, I'm so proud of you. You looked AMAZING!
Is there a hole in the side of your dress??? Well don't worry I won't hold that against you. :) Love you!
P.S. The point of the Eyelash story is to tell you that I think you should wear them while dancing and I am educated on the best kind to get. :)

Kathryn said...

By the way, I noticed that you blab on your blog and I vent. I don't know which one is worse, but we really should make up some kind of test.

Merrida said...

SO... if I had known you were gonna put THAT picture of me up on your blog, I wouldn't have let you leave that night!! HAHA!

Katy Beth said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! I'm sure you did wonderful! But I am so jealous, I have to say. haha!