Tuesday, September 8, 2009

this weekend

We hunted for treasure, and found it.

We got to be a part of something wonderful! We went back to Knoxville for Addison's baptism.
I had to laugh when I was taking these pictures I told Ryan and Add to just talk to each other and interact. Ryan then gave Addison a hug and then he said in the sweetest, most natural way, "Now hug me on the other side." Now you can tell his wife (my dear friend Heather) is awesome about taking great pictures of her family.

I miss these guys! But I'm glad we live within driving distance.
And I sewed! Finally got a little done on Chickie girl's quilt.

What did you do?

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Amber said...

It was so fun to see you! I was so sad to miss that baptism! Lame-O! I'm glad to see pictures though, I bet it was beautiful... I teared up a little just from the pictures. I remember the year these guys were born so clearly!