Friday, December 21, 2007

Charity Never Faileth

Today just felt like a little thought on charity might be nice. It was our theme for visiting teaching this month. And it seems like a lot of the people around me have been in need of some lately. Something about the holiday season that makes people so much more stressed out than at a normal time of year. Plus, people still have accidents, babies, and get lonely this time of year. And I can definitely relate with those who are dealing with the stresses of moving. Maybe these needs are more urgent because of all the heightened feelings of the season. So I have been blessed with a few opportunities to serve (and in the process allowed others to serve me). Isn't it sad/interesting/scary....(what's the right word) that in order for me to serve I often need a little service of my own (of the babysitting variety). Luckily, people don't mind and still seem to need me. Isn't it nice to feel needed. But, I still caught myself feeling like spending so much of my "free time" helping others was getting in the way of my personal creative goals. I wish I was to the point where I didn't have those thoughts. Then, last night, I read this, and it made me feel better about my temporary lag in drawing time. Especially this part, "The desire to lift, the willingness to help, and the graciousness to give come from a heart filled with love. Serve willingly." Seriously, who doesn't want a heart filled with love! So what thoughts do you all have about charity this time of year? Any heartwarming stories to tell? Any thoughts about balancing the things others need and the things you need?

Today I'm grateful that I'm making sugar cookies today! YUM! And I'm grateful for "Eden day" every girl needs a few good girl friends don't you think!

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