Tuesday, February 2, 2010

things that don't go together, things that do

Nail polish + applique=

not good.
Especially because I forgot my topcoat. Or maybe this new brand is not good. The color is a dark purple. But it looks black, right? I'm probably too old and granny-ish to be wearing dark purple (could be confused with black) nail polish. But I think it's kinda fun.

Snow days + applique=

Very good! Look how much I've gotten done! (More than half of the smallest row.) Chris asked last night, "Is that your last row?!" (NO) Well maybe it would be if I hadn't devoted most of my snow days to sleep. Or if I were faster. But I'm pretty sure I can feel the speed gaining!

And well, I did bring dinner to my neighbors, the Birds. And I probably wouldn't have been up to it if it weren't for all the glorious sleep I've gotten.
sleep+good deed doing abilities= most excellent

P.S. I love that I live in a place that can be completely shut down by 5 inches of snow. It's like a spontaneous gift from nature!


Beth said...

Yes-it looks black-and I am kinda jealous-b/c I had the same "am I too old to wear" debate. I am glad to see you won, it has inspired me and I just may purchase some this week, because it is so fun.

Secondly, your quilt is amazing, and I love it :).

Merrida said...

HA! I bought that same color about a month ago! Love it! Old smold...pfffh!

Elisha Trask said...

Love the applique and pear. I can't wear nail polish cuz it comes off too quick in the dish water.

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