Tuesday, March 30, 2010


(franklin highlights)

So. I finished my quilt top! excellent! My friend Jill is going to quilt it with her long arm machine when we get back. So I'm going to have to decide how I want it quilted. And she lent me some great books to help with my decision making. I was seriously drooling over them.

I am trying to tackle a massive, self imposed to do list before we head out of town for spring break. My papaw passed away so we will be headed to his funeral first. He was always good to us and we will sure miss him. He had this great tradition at Christmas, he would give all of us a box of chocolates. I think that's one I'll be more than happy to carry on each year and be reminded of him. That makes 3 grandparents in the past year. It is so horrible. I hope all of my remaining loved ones stay healthy and safe for a good long time.

And, what else. I'm a horrible blogger right now. And don't expect it to get better any time soon. BUT...I'm kind of expecting my mood and general productiveness to explode on May 26th. That's the big day when we are moving home. I announced it on my photo blog. And I'm so excited. Sometimes a little nervous, because I will miss the awesome, amazing friends I've made here. I'm sure I'll have some sad moments missing them. But I really am so excited about going home!!! I think we have finally realized that it's where we belong. And if we try to move away again I'm asking all of you right now to stage an intervention.