Sunday, May 9, 2010

i'm so lucky!

I'm feeling so overwhelmed today! I'm so lucky. I have these two gorgeous children that I adore. And such a wonderful husband who gave me such a great day. My own mom amazes me. I'm convinced she is the cutest grown-up on the planet. Missed talking to my Grammy today. So many wonderful women in my life! Happy Mother's day! Chickie took this great picture of Bentley and I. She said she wants her own camera and she wants to learn how to edit pictures on the computer.


Kathryn said...

I love that picture of you and Bentley. You should print it out and put it in his room.

Ellie said...

Since I am addicted to your blog, I needed to make one to officially follow you. So I did. :D

andrea said...

I didn't know you were reading my blog. Or anyone else for that matter. :) maybe I'll have to make it a little more interesting. :)

joven said...

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joven said...

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lachicasinojos said...

congratulations:) you have a beautifull family.

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JMay said...

They are sooooo adorable :-) You are blessed indeed!

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