Monday, November 26, 2007

still alive...almost

I'm sick. But other than that life is great!

I got a new car! It's a volvo and old as all get out. But not as old as my last volvo which was verging on antique. I paid cash for it and that is such a great feeling!

My daughter is crafting fake tylenol for her baby alive....she apparently caught what I've got.

I hope everyone had a delightful thanksgiving. We certainly did. Although I must admit I'm becoming disenchanted with one of our favorite family dishes. I won't mention which one for fear of being disowned.

Today: I'm thankful for soup!


mindy said...

So what cars do you have now? You had the Element & the Mazda, right? Which one did you keep?

I hope you get feeling better soon. It's no fun to be sick.

andrea said...

We still have the Element.