Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music, fame, and inspiration

I have had all these random brushes with fame lately.  Really uninteresting stories (one of the past dancers from SYTYCD was on my flight from SLC to Denver--but I didn't even notice until he passed me to get off the plane because I had my nose in a book the whole time) for example.  And of course all the well known fabric designers and Jay McCarroll from Project Runway.  Who I actually did have a conversation with at Market.  I guess these people aren't famous to everyone, but they are to me.  Anyway, I have just been kind of wondering why is it exciting to see someone who you recognize solely because you have admired their professional work.  I don't know.  I guess a part of it is just that you have enjoyed their work or been inspired by it in some way, entertained by it, maybe we feel like we can relate or that we understand them.  For me, I think it's the hope that by being near them you can possibly figure out how they got so stinking awesome and steal their tricks!!  

At any rate, tonight I was totally inspired by Jason Deere!  Who is apparently famous and I'm now his biggest fan.  He is a very successful music producer and he wrote Joseph  A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet.  He said he read over 100 pioneer journals and did tons of research.  Just something he has done for his love of history and church.  I go to church with him (little did I know) and he and Dan Truman and Due West performed for a small group of people from church.  We had to bring a friend (thanks Merrida for going with me!!)  I just love how music can be so inspiring and set a mood.  I play primary songs at home if my kids are stressing me and I need to calm down!

At Lindsay Jane Bootcamp Lindsay played Christmas music the whole time.   I am so in the holiday spirit now!  I spent all afternoon downloading our Christmas CDs into my I Pod.  One of the benefits from having owned a dance studio, we have 34 Christmas CDs.  That's a lot, right?    

You know how sometimes you put forth a lot of effort to be friends with someone just because they are a really good mom or really creative, or really fun.  Do you guys do that?  I have a lot of people around me that I really look up to and have been able to learn a lot from.  That's why I'm thankful for blogs!  You learn so much from people on their blogs and you don't even have to live near them or know them!

Today I'm just feeling so inspired hearing Jason's story.  Listening to his passion and hearing how much work he gave to this project!  I loved it!  

I promise I'll post pictures from bootcamp tomorrow!!


Merrida said...

Thanks again for inviting me! It was really GREAT! I know I haven't known you two for all that long, but you're great friends and I really enjoy you both...oh and your darling!

Kathryn said...

It is so sweet that you are running into so many famous people!
I also love music, and how much it can change your mood...for good or bad. I'm also excited to see pictures of boot camp. :)