Wednesday, November 19, 2008

perfect recipe

First add 35 Christmas CDs on Ipod+ speaker...shuffled.  
Plus old college roommate's yummiest cookie recipe.  
Plus dancing in the kitchen until you hear the beep.  And maybe we did do the alternating head bobbing todem pole "move."  And maybe my teeth still hurt from Bentley's head smacking my teeth.    
Add in a new budding photographer to the mix!
And a Daddy getting home early!  There you have it.  The perfect recipe for a great evening.  

Happy Holidays!! So exciting!

I'm so thankful I get to go to the coast for the holidays and see my new baby nephew!  Only a few more days and we are taking our Christmas music and heading out!


Claudia said...

How fun! Your pictures show how much fun you guys had. I can already hear the music (but that is because I have Christmas music on too)If only I could smell the cookies too ;)

Btw, your hair looks very pretty. Say hi to your family for us.

Kit...Nat...Broox... said...

Sounds like a blast! Your family is adorable and I'm so excited to keep in touch this way! It was great getting to know you at boot camp. :)

Kathryn said...

Chris! I miss him. Rose, Preston, and I really missed him last night. It's just not a thanksgiving party without Chris getting the food sweats and slurring his words because of sparkling apple juice. :)

Merrida said...

ooo...were those the cookies chris brought to the studio...YUM!!

erin said...

That looks like so much fun! I love baking holiday goods and listening to christmas music.

Stephanie and Rob said...

you are a great photographer...I'm super jealous. It's something I've always wanted to do! Feel free to practice on me and Rob at the temple on Saturday. :-)