Saturday, May 2, 2009


Andrea Indecisive Larsen.  Yes, it should be my middle name.  It has a nice ring to it, no?  So I have maybe too many Martha Stewarts.  But a few years ago (ok, 8 or 10),  I had the Martha Stewart Wedding issue with the instructions for making paper flowers and I threw it away.  I cannot count the times after that I had wished for that issue.  Dang.  Anyway...we live in a tiny space.  I want to bring Olivia's art stuff from way up in her closet (too high for her to reach) down where she can reach it but someplace not too easily accessed by Bentley.  So that means they must take the place of my Martha's.  And where should they her closet?  In storage?  In the recycle bin?  I love magazines.  But I love blogs more.  So I don't look at magazines as much anymore.  Maybe I should take to them with scissors and only save what I love?  

When we lived on Goddard (as we like to say) we had the perfect built in bookshelves on the second floor landing.  There was beautiful light coming in through the windows.  I would plop down on the cool wood floor and pull out issue after issue.  Heaven.  But that was before or just after Mandee introduced me to the blogging world.  

Change.  Change.  Change.  The one thing I have learned is that there are no perfect options in life.  It's all about measuring the tradeoffs.  Took me a while to figure that out.

So what should I do?  


cally said...

This may take a while, but go through each one and rip out the pages and projects you love. Then compile them in a schmancy folder or something.

THEN...put the ripped up magazines in Chickie's craft stuff (or closet) for her to cut up for collages. My kids will sit for hours with old magazines, scissors, and glue. Cut and paste.

Do you have any Martha Kids? I'd buy 'em from ya.

Merrida said...

yup I agree...keep the stuff you love and give chickie the rest. I remember always needing magazines for projects for school!

Katy Beth said...

I agree, making a folder seems like the best idea.

By the way, it's ok...Mandee sucked me in too! :P