Saturday, July 11, 2009

because I like making lists

Well if I was disappointed by the smooth sailing of our drive to Utah not giving me any good fodder for the blog, the ride home most definitely did not disappoint.  Let me tell it in lists.  For kicks.
Funniest Quotes:
"I think you would look good in a straight jacket!" ~My brother in law (as we were leaving Idaho--because it was bad before we even got in the car to leave)
"I'm SO glad I'm not a mom right now!" ~Olivia (you don't want to know)
"Thanks for all the memories!  Good and bad!  It was a great trip!" ~Buffy (she slays me!)

Phrases most often repeated:
"Zeke.   Zeke, Zeke!!!" ~anyone wanting to talk to Zeke.
"Malachi, look out the window!" ~Buffy
"Bentley called me a wienie head!" ~Malachi (He learned the hard way that if you teach a kid a dirty trick he may use it against you)
"Keep your hands to yourself!" ~ Buffy and I equally

Number of times we had to stop at the side of the interstate:
4 ~twice for someone to pee and twice to clean up vomit.

Speaking of vomit:
number of times my kids puked:  5
diarrhea: once....but it should have counted for more.

Number of movies I steadied the mini DVD player on a large stack of pillows so all kids could see:  4 ~slightly painful but SOOO worth it.

2~Chickie has a gimpy foot.  She is walking on the side of her left foot.  She sat in the back of the van which was pushed unusually close to the seat in front of it in order to fit all of our things in the back.  She had this condition when we arrived in CO and for I think four days after.  I thought it was from something else until she got it again after our first day of driving home.  
Malachi bit his own finger and made himself cry.  I'm pretty sure it was so he could get a band-aid.

Good things that happened on the drive home:
Buffy singing.
Cotillion by Georgette Heyer ~SO GOOD!  So funny! Go read it.

Things this last bit of the trip was worse than:
nine months of pregnancy
Calling 911 when Chris had a kidney stone and we thought his appendix burst
being stranded after a football game when I was 16 because my dad forgot to pick me up or maybe he was just really, really late.

I'm SO not kidding.
I wanted to die.  
And I almost cried.

Things I left:
vegetable peeler
paring knife
bentley's neenee (blanket)
cd case with all our best kids DVDs  :(

Things I love about being home:
Being with my kids!!! I feel like I didn't get to see them over the past three weeks they were always off with cousins.
The humidity!  Crazy I know.  But this is the first time I was actually over the desert.  
The sounds the bugs make at night. 
I love that the crazy people around town seem normal because they are crazy in a way I understand. 

Things I did today:
finished reading my book
went shopping
tidied up my itunes library
returned library books

Things I was supposed to do today but did not:
clean out the fridge
do laundry

I can't wait for:
Chris to get home in a bit!  We saw him for 30 minutes before he had to leave.  He is off in MN dancing!    And he did AMAZINGLY well, again!  They got 2nd place in Rising Star this time!  And 5th in the open pro!  I almost can't believe it!  Except that I saw them and they are amazing!  

If you read this whole thing I'm sure you are thanking me for NOT including pictures.  It would not have been pretty.

In fact if you are still reading this I would like to offer you a sticker for being so good!  Something I tried with the kids.  They shared all they had very willingly for about 15 minutes until it got to hard to keep track of sticker giving, toy opening, and lunch ordering, and that's about when I made the giant pillow tower for the movies.

Can anyone guess what made Olivia say her funny quote at the top?  Because I ended up telling you anyway.

The end. I promise.

Whew, this was very therapeutic for me.  I now have closure from the trip.  


Merrida said...

wow you are a trooper!! I'm guessing Olivia said that when you had to clean up the vomit???

Lori said...

Oh, puking on road trips!! My favorite!
Glad you're home safe and sound.

mindy said...

five pukes AND a diarrhea? If you ever leave the house again, I'm sure it will feel too soon!

Glad you made it back safely, if not unscathed.

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh! I would have cried a LOT! And kissed the very ground once I got home.
Love you Drea!

Katy Beth said...

So glad you had a "nice" trip...or at least part of one. Now I can see what I get to look forward to. Yay....

Oh, btw..Congrats to Chris!! A watched the YouTube videos & they are awsome!

The Borden Family said...

The unusual happenings on a road trip are what make it memorable. I've been there and done that one. Only it was a chain reaction...first Emily then when Tara saw her throw up Tara followed and then from the smell Jacob did....all over everything. I was driving alone from IA...had to call Gene and ask what hotel was closest to my exit on the freeway. Ugh!

Buffy said...

That was great Drea! funny and true and crazy that we made it!