Friday, February 22, 2008

Out! of the black hole

What a week of complete and total insanity. Misery, flu-y death.  I did feel like I was going to die for a few days and then felt only good enough to read.  Doesn't reading feel so completely and totally indulgent. Almost wicked, really. To be so consumed in a novel to completely ignore those around you.  It doesn't matter when everyone else is too sick to notice or care.  I guess.  I read Emily of New Moon in two days and I loved it so much I got the other two books from the library on the one day this week I dared to lurk out of my cave for supplies.  Then, I read Emily Climbs in nearly a day, but I was so tired I had to finish the last twenty or so pages this morning.  Finally, I felt better enough today that I had to contact everyone who thought I blew them off this week, do laundry, and make dinner.  But in between I couldn't help myself but to finish the last book, Emily's Quest.  It was a short one. But, urgh how insanely painful.  I just can't stand being tortured so. Really, has anyone read these books? They are by LM Montgomery. After the first two I definitely wanted to read her Anne of Green Gables series, but now I don't know.  The third book reminded me of Wuthering Heights.  I had a friend who wrote a song about Wuthering Heights and how she, "wanted the book to be (her) life."  So of course I had to read it. I felt completely and utterly tortured and never would want to be haunted by my own life like that. I wish I had read the last measly four pages first (of Emily's Quest) and then maybe I wouldn't have been so completely irked by the first 231!  I just couldn't relate I guess. This last one dealt with the romance of Emily's life and I could never let my pride get in the way of my own happiness. I'm too much of an open book, really in all matters.  And to go on completely miserable for years and years.  Without even trying to do anything about it.  I would much rather make a complete fool of myself and have no regrets. And that is what I've done, time and time again. 
But now that the spell of the last book has been broken I have a sudden surge of energy and I will have to venture out into the world tomorrow if I can at all help it! Please, let Bentley feel better tomorrow!  If only his mother wouldn't feed him popcorn and pickles for an after lunch snack.  OK, it was his own choosing. But I allowed it!
But I am thankful for the first two books. They painted such a happy picture of a girl with such a singular drive for her craft (which was writing);  well, it was absolutely inspiring.  I find myself with a strong urge to improve my vocabulary and I just can't help myself with all the italics.  But that's an inside joke between me and anyone else who has read Emily Climbs.  And today I finally found the clamp for my favorite lamp for my drawing desk and in the process I found a perfect little stretcher that really is aching for a fresh canvas and a lovely new painting. Hmmm, what to paint? I need just a little inspiration and hopefully it will strike soon. 


mindy said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. That long, flu-y thing is really going around. My brother-in-law had it earlier this month. No fun.

I agree--reading really does feel like the ultimate indulgence. Lately I've been so grateful for the kids' ability to entertain themselves, as it gives me time to read! Yippee!! Of course, then I start thinking, "Am I sure I want to have another baby?" (No, this isn't an announcement.)

I agree about Wuthering Heights. I read it high off of my love for Jane Eyre, the authors are sisters, after all. It was a TERRIBLE book. Okay, so not terrible, it was well-written, but I just kept trying to find one of the characters to like and identify with them, but it was impossible. They were all essentially despicable. I can't believe your friend wanted her life to be like that! I agree with you--I think it's better to make a fool of yourself than to pine and wonder.

Glad you are feeling better. I hope Bentley is by tomorrow.

andrea said...

Yes, like Gone with the Wind. I remembered really liking that movie and then I watched it again not so long ago. Scarlett OHara is a horrible, horrible person. Spending her whole life pining over her childhood sweetheart and making everyone else miserable in the process. And then everyone dies in the end. It's a great movie, but really terrible.

Everyone is STILL sick. It's like they got re-sick. Somehow, or it morphed into something else.

I'm pretty sure we are good with just the two kids so I'm starting to get a little excited because I know Bentley will be a little more independent in just a few months. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Anne of Green Gables is a MUST read!!