Monday, February 4, 2008

My fifteen minutes

 Last thursday after I posted the diet post, I was feeling whiny about my blog.  I thought my chicken story was pretty funny and worthy of at least one little comment from someone.  So I decided to check my sitemeter and see if anyone was reading my blog anymore.  It said:
Average Visits per day: 8
Visits this week:58
Visits today: 630

I stared at it for a minute and thought, "Huh?  It must be broken."  So then I checked my referral list and all of my visits were coming from Heather Bailey's blog.  So I went to her blog and at the very bottom of this post she lists three here's and mine is the second.  So everyone is clicking over to see my silly pigtail hair do in her very cool trash ties.  

 I can't believe that many people read her blog in one day.  But you know that feeling when you have an unexpected visitor and you have dishes in the sink, or a big pile of unfolded laundry on the couch?  Well, that's how I felt so I stayed up really late that night trying to spruce up my blog for any more visitors.  Funny, huh.  What is the blog equivalent of putting out fresh flowers?  

I guess if I was one to play it cool I wouldn't even mention this. But I'm not. I'll admit I get a little excited when I have hundreds of unexpected guests at my blog, even if it is only one little click in and then out again.

So welcome!


mindy said...

sitemeter? is that an additional thing or something built into blogger? Not that I need to obsess over my blog more than I do....(no, sadly you're not alone!)

Honestly, the other day I tried to post on your cute elephants TWICE but blogger was down. So, sometimes that happens. I persevered and tried to repost a couple of days later and it worked. So don't always take it personally. *wink*

andrea said...

Sitemeter is not built into blogger. But it's super easy and free! Don't you love free stuff! Just go to their website and it is easy to get started. I think it's kind of fun to check occasionally and see if you have had any visitors.