Thursday, January 31, 2008

I need a diet buddy!

I'm needing motivation to go on a diet to look good in a dress for this.  But I really don't want to. I need someone to do it with me.  Any takers?

The good news about the dress situation is that my friend is letting me borrow her dress.  I was with her when she got it.  It was designed by the guy that does Dancing With The Stars.  Kind of cool. Right. I'm excited.  It saves me from making one. Which could be very very scary.

I guess the reason I'm not motivated is that I'm perfectly satisfied with how I look already.  This dress isn't skimpy like some.  But it's no sweater, either.  

I would love to wear this dress!

So seriously. Any body want to do a 30 day ab diet with me? I have a good one I think.  Or does anybody have a really good alternative?


Leslie said...

I'd sign up for the diet if I weren't pregnant! :)

andrea said...

Ha! thanks. Moral support counts, too. Right?

mindy said...

I'm already on a reduced calorie diet. What exactly would an ab diet entail?

So I looked at your "dream dress" and mistakenly read the price as $37.00. I thought, well why doesn't she just buy it? It took 3 times looking at the number to realize there was no decimal point!!

andrea said...

It's not really that low in calories. But you do eat 6 very healthy meals a day. With a lot of protein, dairy, and veggies. A little rice, pasta, and bread here and there and no juice or sugar.

I went shopping and that gave me all the motivation i needed! Just say no to muffin top!