Tuesday, January 22, 2008

doing color wheel cartwheels

I decided that I need to work on my ability to mix my own colors.  So I got this great book about Color.  And I'm doing the exercises during Bentley's nap time.  Today Chickie and I made color wheels.  While I was measuring mine out, Chickie was doing her own.  She used the compass to make some really nice circles by herself and her own inner lines without a ruler.  She got bored of waiting while I measured mine out so she drew ghosts on the side of hers.  In the time it took me to do one very meticulous color wheel, She did two very captivating ones and a couple of other paintings to boot!
Today I'm thankful for sausage.  Seriously, don't know why I wanted it. But YUM. Sausage nachos.

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