Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miss Potter

This weekend I fell irrationally in love with a movie.  Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor is everything I love in a movie.  It has a strong female character.  I especially love it when the heroine has some sort of creative endeavor.  It has a sweet sweet love story.  Insanely breathtaking scenery.  Great acting.  Subtle (hilarious) humor.  Loved it.  Aunt Darcy and Buffy you would both love this movie.  So I watched the movie and all of the special features on Saturday night, well except for the music video and the directors commentary.  Then, this morning both Chickie and Chris were very sick, so between nursing them, I watched the directors commentary while playing blocks with Bentley.  That's the nice thing about a PG movie. You can watch it with a kiddo around.  And then I started to watch it one more time, but alas, the nursing duties became too demanding.  Poor Chickie, hopefully she feels better in the a.m..  
It is about Beatrix Potter. I had no idea she was a woman.  It's a cute name.  Is that the origination of that awful name Trixie?  Always wondered about that one.  A few years ago Chickie and I went on a Beatrix Potter kick at the library and there was one book that had me laughing hysterically.  The Pie and the Patty-Pan.  The patty-pan antics had me in an uproar.  If you don't believe me read it for yourself here.
I am so thankful for creative pioneering women and filmmakers who bring a bit of their story my way.  And I'm also thankful for blockbuster by mail.


Anonymous said...

hi andrea - i got your message but when you deleted your account I lost it me at with your info again if you don't mind!!
and i will email you back
sarah (frank)

mindy said...

I love this movie, too -- It's one I would like to own. We saw it last fall. We have the complete works of Beatrix Potter thanks to the kids' English Graduate auntie, and the Pie & the Patty-Pan is a great story. But it was pretty tricky to explain to Z what a "patty-pan" was, since I had no idea, really, either.

Have you seen "Finding Neverland"? Another great one.

andrea said...

I know. I have no idea what one is either. I mean, other than how its described in the book.

I did like finding neverland. It's been a while, though.