Thursday, January 24, 2008

gotta love good books

Two places I absolutely love are the park and the library.  Especially, our little town has A++ of both.  That sentence makes no sense.  But those were two compelling reasons for our move here. That and the school system.  
Sometimes at the library we get the weirdest books. I have to edit them as I read or my little Chickie will have nightmares.  But this week we got some really good ones.
Miss Fannie's Hat  by Jan Karson.  First time I read it I cried. But I was only reading it to Bentley so he didn't care.  This was about a little old lady and her love of hats and church.  What's not to love?
Ruby's Wish by Shirin Yin Bridges.  This was about a little girl in China who was ahead of her time.  She really valued education, as do I.
And The Miraculous Tale of the Two Maries by Rosemary Wells, of all people. She didn't illustrate this one though. I love her Max and Ruby books.  If you read this one you should read the author's note in the front first. I like the way she thinks.

The cool thing about all these books is that they are all based on true stories. Once again. I love any story with a strong female heroine. Especially for my Chickie to hear.

Another book that fits this category that I wouldn't necessarily recommend was Dancing with Katya.  It was a story about a little girl who got polio and had to get braces on her legs. I didn't care for it that much but Chickie really liked it. Either that or she was fascinated by the idea of leg braces.  She made some paper leg braces for one of her dolls and she also made paper shoes for herself. She's so funny. 

I'm thankful for bright minds and good books.

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