Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Summer of Falling Stars

I'm feeling completely inspired by these two quilts.  The zig zag quilt is from the purl bee blog the second can be found here.  I love the amount of negative space involved in both of these quilts. I love the simplicity of shape and color.  I love the idea of taking a classic quilt pattern and modernizing the way Denyse Schmidt did with the double wedding ring.

I named the summer that I made my first quilt.  It was the summer of falling stars.  That's the only season I've ever named. So, as you can imagine it was pretty amazing.  I was living with my Grammy and she coached me through the quilt. Taught me how to pick out fabric, cut and piece it all.  She even inspected my work and made me do something over if I messed up.  Which is really saying something because Grammy is a real 'make
 it work' kind of woman.  She is A LOT like my mom.  Funny, because she's my dad's mom.  After I got the whole thing pieced she taught me how to put it up on the frame and away we quilted.  But we weren't alone.  Several of her friends from the local Senior Center came by to help.  It was a summer of complete old lady heaven.  I know I just turned 30, but even at 19 I was an old lady at heart.  (Don't even get Chris started on that subject.)  This is my Grammy in her living room with my quilt.  Grammy lives in the cutest house. It used to be a church, but now it's white with a pink door with a bit of flowery stained glass and pink shutters.  Seriously, how heavenly does that sound!  She doesn't have any grass, but she does have a bottle tree and a big sand pit for the grand kids. 

 Ahh, just thinking about the warm summer breeze coming through my window at night makes me miss Utah summers and marshmallow camping!  FYI-Marshmallow camping is when you go to the mountains and set up tents for naps and make a fire and food and take a hike and then pack it all up and go home to sleep in your own bed! My kind of camping!

But, I digress, I seriously can't talk about quilting without mentioning Grammy.  But my second quilt, yes sadly in ten years I'm still working on number 2, it is all one white fabric but I'm quilting quirky little stars on it.  It got packed up after house number one and hasn't really made it's way out of storage until now.  

Not much of a point to this post. Just quilting on the brain.

Today, I'm thankful for inspiration abounding all around me, pretty bowls, Sense and Sensibility, these lovely quilts, new dishes, the list goes on and on.

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