Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feeling Great it's 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope everyone had a blast. We have been having a little too much fun with this.   The guy cracks me up and Bentley loves his dog.  We made a balloon monkey, dog, giraffe, butterfly, and Chickie invented her own spider and snake.  Nice, right?  
So after the festivities does anyone have any exciting new resolutions?  My big one is for morning prayers.  It was a sad sign this morning when we prayed before Chris left, Chickie was like, "Why in the world are we praying in the morning?"  So I guess it's a good one.  Other than that I am constantly setting goals so I'm already set with a fun stack of them for this year.  

One of Chris's goals has been to work out.  He dances all day, but he wants to actually work out with weights and etc.  So for Christmas I got him a gym membership.  Yesterday I did the spinning class. Holy Crapoli is all I can say. My legs were jello when I got off of the bike yesterday and tonight its all I can do to lift my legs. In fact, (and I wasn't planning on telling this story but...) B left a big pile of poo in the tub during his bath and it was no plastic pig.  (Last bath after bubbles arose, Olivia shrieked and declared, "POO!"  but to our mutual delight the only thing lurking under B's bum was a little pink plastic pig.)  Today, however, it was an entirely different story.  Luckily for Chickie, she was at the table with her dad eating cake and ice cream.  So I took Bentley out of the tub, put his towel cape on and set him free.  Meanwhile, I cleaned out the tub and grabbed his diaper and lotion.  Since my legs were killing me I was in no mood for chasing him around. Instead, I opted for sitting down and calling him, "Bentley let's get your diap-y on." (yeah right, right!)  Then Chickie says, "Mom, is that poo?"  Me, leaning over for a glance, "NO, that's not poo."  Chickie, "Yeah, that's definitely poo."  At which point Bentley finally makes his way over to me and I notice that his cape has a very stinky addition to it. Ughhh.  Nice big poo piles all over the kitchen floor.  Me, "Oooops."  My only defence was, "But my legs..."
Nothing like starting out the New Year with a nice good poo story.  At least there are no pictures.  I hope following your goals reaps better rewards!


Derek Hinckley said...

That's completely nasty... we've had that happen too! We've learned that if a naked Carter gets loose after a bath, poop usually follows. Nice vivid description...

andrea said...

Seriously disgusting. You're right! Glad to see Christina beat me to the punch on her own blog. And I like yours as well! Welcome to blog land. :)