Monday, February 4, 2008

Updates about this and that

I took my friend Heather to visit the chickens last week and we had some good laughs.  We got to see for ourselves how those pesky chickens (and I say that with affection) escaped.   Because the black and white one tried it again.  Several times actually.  So Heather went to catch it for me.  Very funny.  I kind of feel bad for not knowing the chickens names.  But here is Addison with the black and white one.  After Heather caught one, everyone wanted to hold them.  Including, Add who had been previously afraid of them.  So, good job bud!

Here is Riley with another chicken.  I think this one is particularly pretty.  As is Riley. 

Kind of strange timing, but this week we randomly got a flyer in the mail for ordering chickens.  

Now, Chris is obsessed.  He wants to get chickens and a pair of teacup pigs.  Apparently you have to buy them in pairs so they can snuggle.  He's a mess!

Friday we went here for dinner. It was Heather's birthday and that is their tradition.  They used to have to go to Nashville. But lucky us.  I did not know food could taste that good!  So yummy and so fun!
what else, what other blog worthy updates.  Today was the first day of the ab diet.  Which was fine until I made one of the suggested recipes for dinner. It was sweet potatoes with goat cheese, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese.  We unanimously agreed that it tasted like vomit.  We threw it out and ate left over pizza from Saturday night.  So, if anyone is interested in dieting along, don't eat the sweet potatoes unless you are a fan of goat cheese.  
The diet is from Oxygen magazine.  I'm going to do waist measurements and we shall see if it works.  Or if I can stick with it.  Less than one month until Heritage.
Today I am really, really thankful for my awesome new desk that Chris made for me.  I was looking for a good one from Ikea.  I found one I liked and it was only $150.  But shipping was about the same amount.  So Mandee told me how fun Ikea is and that it would be worth a drive down.  But we both agreed not with kids. So then there was discussion as to whether it would still be less than shipping to pay for us to drive down and pay for a babysitter for the day.  Then my mom suggested we could just drive down and visit her and she could watch our kids and we could drive the 3 hours to the nearest Ikea.  Good idea, if it didn't take 9 hours to get to my moms.   In the end I decided it would be best just to get Chris to make it for me.  It has a built in light table and everything.  Thanks, babe! Hmm, I guess I should have tidied up a bit before taking a picture.  But the good thing now is that I have a place and a time (nap time) dedicated to drawing! Yay!


drea said...


Mulberry Tart said...

I was in the neighborhood and thought I would say hello. Kids and chickens always make for great pics. I have one of my nephew and a chicken swinging. Poor chicken!

andrea said...

Hello! and Very funny!

mindy said...

very cool desk!! We got an IKEA up in Draper last May and it is fun. I think your desk looks better quality than a lot of their stuff, though.

andrea said...

It is a pretty sweet desk. I'm really loving it. I'm so glad my husband is handy and doesn't like to leave projects undone.

mindy said...

Amen, sister. David is really good at building things, too. So far he has built (for this house) giant red bookshelves, a VCR/DVD/etc center for the family room and a toy bench for the playroom. I'm probably leaving something out. It is great, though.