Wednesday, February 13, 2008

poke me

I have really been enjoying this fun new book filled with one great project after another.  It is called Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  This is where I got the pattern for the elephants and these adorable little pincushions.  Although, personally after a little trial and error, I like adding a button on each side instead of the embroidery thread because it seams to finish it off more neatly and doesn't compromise the seams in the middle.  But maybe I was just doing it wrong.  

A few of her projects require a little bit of a million different fabrics.  Which is a fun excuse to build up your fabric stash if you don't already have one.  And I really like that the projects are divided by an estimated time to finish.  It makes even the longest ones seam really do-able.
Today I'm thankful that my husband isn't really serious about wanting to run for president someday.  It would be really scary to have a ballroom dancer in the White House.  And if I was First Lady my mission would be, well, I'm not sure what it would be but one thing's for sure it would be really quirky.  No, as a nation we really don't want that.  

What would your mission be if you were First Lady, or President?


Anonymous said...

Love the pin cushions! So there are a lot of them there--since it's valentines day you should share the love!

mindy said...

whoa! That is a LOT of cute pin cushions! You go, girlfriend!

If I were First Lady, I'm pretty sure there would be a massive spay/neuter your pet campaign, also educating people before they had children or got pets.