Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?

That is to quote Sense and Sensibility the movie. I believe.

Did you ever have a day that reminded you why life was even worth living? Ahh, that was my day! It was fabuloso that's Spanish for fabulous (hehehe) from beginning to end!  
We danced! Finally after really truly emerging from said black hole and entering into the world of people again! And it went really well.  Which was a huge relief, because the last practice before the flu was HORRIBLE.  Then, after a lovely day of drawing and cleaning and playing I went to a school meeting for Chickie.  I almost started to cry, but I didn't.  That said, I'm SO excited for her to go to school.  It's kind of rough having a Nov. birthday and having to wait around so long to start school.  And then the glorious part.  I got THE dress!  

I tried to take a picture that would express the fun of wearing such an awesome thing.  Tried and failed really.  Here's a picture of me running down the stairs.  Luckily, I didn't trip on the ball.  But after several trips up and down I couldn't quite capture it's beauty in motion.
SO then I tried twirling.  That was fun, but I'm feeling a little dizzy now!  I am so so excited for Thursday!  I met my friend Papi at book club tonight and that is where the "transaction"  took place.  I called for a moment of silence before we got the dress out. SO So exciting!  And it was fun talking about Emily of New Moon and her passion for writing.  Someone asked me if I had anything like that, something that I absolutely could not keep myself from doing. My short answer would have to be no.  But I have realized that for me dancing and creating art of some sort have been the two themes my whole life that have really brought me joy.  They are the things that really add the flavor to life.  The past five years I have only had them in very small doses, because that's how I adjusted to motherhood. I really had a hard time trying to fit creativity into my life in as large a dose as I really need.  
I realized that this was a problem when I was spending more time watching dancing shows on TV than actually dancing. I knew that I should be doing the exact opposite.  So, we got rid of TV when we moved here in November. It has been really great.  I get so much more done of what I want to be doing.  And now I am spending more time dancing than watching other people do it.  I'm actually living my life the way I want it right now and that is such an amazing feeling!  Although, Chris bought bunny ears to watch the polls on Super Tuesday and I watched the Oscars Sunday night. The whole thing from beginning to end. And it was the highlight of my week I think.  But that's not hard considering it was the week of flu-y death.  

So, I pose the question to you..Do you have something you absolutely have to do. There really is no choice. You just have to do it?


mindy said...

What a fabulous & fun dress!! I can't wait to hear how the Classic goes. Good luck and have fun! (Is it today or next Thursday?

Kathryn said...

I think for me I have been trying to figure that out...what I really just have to do. I think that's why I have been trying so many different things. I know that there is something out there for me to be amazing at, I just need to figure it out. I let you know when I figure it out.

Beth said...

How did you do??? Did you have the best time ever? How did the kids do?

andrea said...

Katie--it's so obvious! Yours is MUSIC!!!!