Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inside out, upside down

Is it just me or does this week have you totally upside down?

Maybe it's the weather?
It probably has something to do with daylight savings time.  What do you think Bentley?  See, even he is confused!
Maybe it has something to do with the excitement of a new baby in the family.  I'm happy to have a new little nephew "far away in the west."  Thank Heaven for a healthy baby boy and mama...and for cell phone cameras!
Thank goodness today was beautiful outside!  It only took Chickie one hour of tearful decision making whether to join us in the sun or stay inside in a bug free zone.
Luckily in the end sunshine won out!


Beth said...

Your kids are so cute, and I am glad the sunshine won the battle. Every time I see pics of Bentley I get so excited for the day we can get our little rascals together! On a random note, I found a picture of a youth conference in 1994 featuring both Chris and Kris-seriously, they are trying to look "cool", but it's very funny. As soon as I figure out how to scan it I will send it to you!!

Kathryn said...

Drea! Love you! Bentley and Chickie look so cute. Chickie and her fear of bugs crack me up.