Saturday, March 29, 2008

Holy Week! Batman would say. It has been absolutely insane around here this week.  Good insane, coupled with internet issues equals no blogging.  But (cross your fingers) we should be good to go now.  
We have welcomed the nicer weather which has brought us many benefits.  New neighborhood friends to play with and Chickie actually attempting contact with a bug! It was a lady bug, and she flipped out in the end.  But I'll take it!

We have been up to our usual craftiness around here.  A lot of gift making going on.  I'll have to show pics of that after the surprise is over.
Chickie and Baby Alive have been up to their usual antics.  This time they are aliens.  

I got my new camera! Yay! Now I just need to learn how to use it!  Chickie was all dressed up as a bride, tape and scissors in hand, crafting her own groom.  Now that's an idea!  Apparently, his name is Canon.  The "boy across the bushes" that she "felled in love with."  Did I ever tell that story?  He's our old neighbor and Chickie was crazy about his super blond hair.  
No detail was left undone.
He's even her height.  And she thought is was pretty funny that my camera was also named Canon.

Bentley got driven around in a pint sized tractor.  Karson is an excellent driver.  And Bentley really didn't even mind when he fell out. He wanted right back in!
During most of the outside fun though, Mandee and I were making the cutest aprons ever!  We are thinking of wearing them to church.  I'll have to take a picture of mine, but right now I'm supposed to be cleaning.  That's what Saturday's are for right?
Chris has been working like crazy this week on his fun project.  And we have had a ton of  excitement in behalf of our friend Derek. But...more on that later. Edit...or read about it on their blogs here and here.
This week I have been thankful for new spring growth, especially the color green of the new grass growing in.  Fun new fabric, friendships, creative time, making more color wheels.  It's really surprisingly fun.  And isn't ordering things on line the best version of shopping ever! No running after kids involved in that.  I like it!  And last but certainly not least, Enchanted, the funniest movie ever.  Plus Derek looks just like the prince, except with out the outfit.  And I think Chris is secretly in love with Gisele, but I can't really blame him. I mean seriously, she makes her own clothes...but where does she get the shoes?


Beth said...

Drea! We just watched that movie last night, LOVED it! Your kids are so cute, seriously, could Chickie be any more like you?

mindy said...

what cuteness & fun! I'm glad you're back online! Bentley is moving out of baby and well into Toddler. What a cutie!!

andrea said...

thanks!!! Chris was imitating a weird Chickie voice last night and asked me if I did that! I said, "Does that sound like something I would say?" His response, "Well..." I think it was, "Nuuuuuummmy" followed by a smacking of the lips sound. This was to describe rice crispies, with sugar.
Bentley is official in nursery now. It's a little early but he brought the snack today so I'm already celebrating a new era !

Kathryn said...

Bentley is such a stud! And Chickie is an amazingly creative little girl. I should take lessons from her. Love you Drea!

Buffy said...

Enchanted is the best movie ever!!! Love it! Sorry I'm so late in chiming in, but I'm just catching up on everything.
Have you seen that reese witherspoon movie yet? I lost the name, I haven't seen it in theaters yet. Keep me posted!
love ya!