Saturday, March 22, 2008

since you asked...

Thanks Mindy, for asking about the painting. It is one of two that I've done since college....That can't be right? Can it?  Oh, I guess it is right. That's sad really.  But here it is Chickie swinging in the park.
And while I'm at it, here is painting number two. Chickie with a huge hat and a huge floaty on her head at the beach.  Hmmm, those aren't the official titles.  
These are really bad pictures. My camera broke last week. So sad. I was slightly traumatized.  Before blogging I would have forgotten all about it.  But now I'm used to taking a million pictures everyday, just in case I may want to blog about it later.  So yesterday I ordered a new camera.  Yay!  Hopefully when it gets here we will notice much better picture quality.


mindy said...

wow!!! drea, those are phenomenal!!! I would love to be able to paint! Those really are gorgeous. Sigh... I wish we lived closer and you could give me art lessons.


andrea said...

ahh, thanks!