Wednesday, March 5, 2008

smells like money

What? You think you smell something other than money?  Chris bought this house today and I'm very proud of him!  He has had this goal for a long time. That is to buy a house for the soul purpose of making it beautiful and making some money in the process.  I have no doubt that he and Derek will do it up right!  Have you seen some of the miracles Derek has worked in the past?  
When they ripped out the tub today they found that it was filled with leaves.  eww.  
I will be happy to show pretty pics in a few months or so.  

Today I'm thankful for my husband reaching one goal and starting the journey of another one. Way to go, babe!


mindy said...

that's cool! I wish him all the best! I know that's something David has thought would be fun to do someday, too.

The Hinckley's said...

I'm so glad your taking pictures! I know Derek is excited about doing a project w/Chris. I can't wait to see what they create. I'm sure these will be some of the best before and afters. Did you take some pictures of the inside while its all torn up?